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Michael Moore [00:00:17] I know what a lot of you are thinking. Where has Michael Moore been on the Princess Kate story? Why hasn’t he weighed in on this? He has a podcast. He has a Substack. He owns a camera. He has a crew. 

Michael Moore [00:00:43] Where? Where? Why the silence? Where have I been? Why am I not looking for Kate Middleton? All of that, right? And so I thought maybe the best thing to do today. Because it’s been such a miserable, pitiful week here in the United States of America and the upcoming election and what we’re all faced with and yada, yada, yada. And of course, I will get to that here. We’re not gonna spend a lot of time, talking today. It is– I’m recording this on Saint Patrick’s Day, and so I need to go celebrate my Irish heritage. But I did want to speak to all of you for a few minutes about some things that have been going on, and, not the least of which is where is Princess Kate? 

Michael Moore [00:01:40]  Now, let me just–  

Michael Moore [00:01:42] When I was a young boy, the first books of a series of books that I started to read around first grade were “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” And I really was into Sherlock Holmes. 

Michael Moore [00:01:58] I love the way that he deduced things and sorted it out in some wacko, crazy way, where he used Doctor Watson as his, his straight man. And now there’s going to be this new series, on CBS starting, I think, first week of April called “Elsbeth.” And if you were, a viewer or a fan of The Good Wife and then the show called The Good Fight, these characters have run through these shows, that are produced by Robert and Michelle King, the Kings. And they do really smart TV for network TV that’s smart. Things that you would watch. And so this Elsbeth character is she’s sort of a Sherlock Holmes on the spectrum. I guess maybe it’s a good way to put it. But they they did a preview of the pilot here last week, and…

Michael Moore [00:03:08] It was pretty, pretty good. 

Michael Moore [00:03:10] So I’m going to I’m going to watch this when it comes out, when it starts here in another week or so. But back to my Sherlock Holmes fixation as a seven year old, eight year old. 

Michael Moore [00:03:23] I’ve always I found. This very helpful in making documentaries and, in my writings over the years. That it’s, it’s best, especially if you’re in journalism, to always assume you’re being lied to. 

Michael Moore [00:03:35] It doesn’t mean that you are. 

Michael Moore [00:03:36] And it doesn’t mean you have to be paranoid or whatever, but you should start from that position that, you know, like we like to say in this country, you’re innocent until proven guilty. 

Michael Moore [00:03:48] Right? Yeah. And in too much of journalism is they just believe the official story. They believe the hand-out, the press release, and then serious hard questions are never asked. No investigation is done anymore. There’s there’s so little money spent on actual news, especially electronic news, especially what we call television. It’s it’s a dead and dying, operation. 

Michael Moore [00:04:18] And so we don’t get a lot of that. What we at least what I got when we were growing up, there were, journalists who really want to find out what the truth was and never accepted the official story that came from the spokesperson for the corporation or the government official standing behind a podium. Many of the good ones back then started with that basic concept that, “Well, everything that you’re telling me right now is probably not true. And I’m going to start there, and then I’m going to either make you prove to me that it’s true before I report this to my audience. Or you’re not. And then I’m going to prove that what you’ve been telling us is a bunch of B.S.”. 

[00:05:07] So in the case of Kate Middleton — do we need some Sherlock Holmes music or some something mystery like we’re going to solve this mystery here in the next 2 or 3 minutes– but, the last time that there’s been footage of — or people say that they saw– Princess Kate was at the Christmas service there with the Royal family. 

Michael Moore [00:05:41] But then sometime in January, Buckingham Palace announced that the princess had checked into a hospital and had had abdominal surgery. To me, that’s the first clue that somebody is yanking my leg. 

Michael Moore [00:06:03] Abdominal surgery? What is abdominal surgery? I mean, it’s a location. A general location on the body where many surgeries take place. But when they do, they have a name. “I had my appendix out.”

Michael Moore [00:06:20] That’s surgery in and around your abdomen. “I had my gallbladder out.” That’s abdominal surgery, you say? 

Michael Moore [00:06:29] “Oh. Oh. His gallbladder was removed.”

Michael Moore [00:06:33] Or you might have a hernia and they’re going to go in and fix the hernia. Those are often in your abdomen area. Maybe there’s a bullet wound. Maybe you were shot in the stomach. You know, that will be some abdominal surgery. 

Michael Moore [00:06:51] But there is no organ known as the abdomen when there is surgery. Right. And I’m I’m not talking about just for famous people, but just within your family or your friends or whatever. They tell you that they had a case of appendicitis and they took their appendix out, and the or the doctors took the gallbladder out, or somebody shot them and they were stitched up or, you know, just go down the whole list of in the general area of… 

Michael Moore [00:07:24] You know, if our body was Europe, this would be like Central Europe, the abdomen. But it’s a location. It’s it’s not it’s not a body part. Now I know, don’t get technical on me here, medical students — or, you know, people that watch too many episodes of Gray’s Anatomy.

Michael Moore [00:07:51] You’re going to send me things telling me that, “oh, no, the abdomen is a real thing.” Oftentimes, I think when we’re feeling like a pain or something in the abdomen. 

Michael Moore [00:08:05] Basically, you just say, “I got an upset stomach.” You point to the stomach. The stomach. 

Michael Moore [00:08:10] Now, all around the stomach are a whole bunch of other things. Like, you know, that your colon, the large intestine, the small intestine. Right. The kidneys are around there. The liver is there. You know, all of this stuff. 

Michael Moore [00:08:30] So why lie? Well, first of all right, out of the gate. Why lie about the where of where she is and what is going on? And then she — then she stays in the hospital for another…. What? What was it? Two weeks at least. Right? Nobody — has anybody *been* to the hospital lately? 

Michael Moore [00:08:53] They want you out of there as soon as possible. I mean, you know, for all kinds of things, they actually don’t even want you staying overnight. They like you to come in at six in the morning if there’s some surgical procedure.  And have you out of there by five. Like one of the most important things you might go to the hospital for is bringing human life into the world. Having a baby? Again: in by 10:00, out by 6:00. The idea is not to have you spend any time in asphalt, partly because it’s costly. 

Michael Moore [00:09:31] It’s costly to you, but the insurance company hates it. That’s really who doesn’t want to have to pay the bill? And the hospital doesn’t want to try to collect it. It just has a whole bunch of problems. So they want you in and out when you go to the hospital now. And frankly, you want to get out of there. Because dying in the hospital because of something you picked up in the hospital. Some infection etc, or a mistake that the hospital makes. I saw that it was like — it was just this month, they had a new report out that the number… Like number three cause of death is is you going to the hospital, and something happening in the hospital, or you picking up something in the hospital? 

Michael Moore [00:10:22] It’s not a safe place to be. Most doctors will tell you that you want to get in and out. There’s at least 100,000 deaths a year caused by something that went wrong, or some infection you pick up while you’re in the hospital. 

Michael Moore [00:10:41] She was in the hospital for like 2 or 3 weeks. Okay. You know, I know there are things why you would be in the hospital for a long time. A horrific car accident. You’re in a coma. Well, I’m not laughing. I’m just. I’m just saying what we all know to be the truth because we live in the real world. And that is, hospital stays are extremely short. And they’re not for abdominal surgeries. 

Michael Moore [00:11:24] So I guess… So that was number two. And then I just, you know, I have not gone on to any of the conspiracy theory websites about this. And frankly, I don’t, I don’t really care. Is that bad to say on some level? I mean, I hope she hasn’t been kidnaped. I hope she’s still alive. I’m certain that something is wrong. Something is wrong in her life. Something is wrong with something that’s not in the abdomen. So I do I mean, she’s a human being. I’m not making light of this.

Michael Moore [00:12:12] But, with all the crap we’ve got going on right now in this country, around the world, you know, the mystery of Princess Kate shouldn’t even be taking up the amount of time I’m giving it here on today’s podcast. 

Michael Moore [00:12:33] But I just I just, I know a lot of people in the royal family listen to this podcast. So I just want to say to you now, as you’re listening to this that everybody’s on to you. Nobody believes you. You know, men, cheaters, men who cheat on their wives. 

Michael Moore [00:13:03] You know, I don’t need to go into the statistics of of. Sadly. A lot of boys grow up to emulate their fathers. And end up doing things that their fathers did. 

Michael Moore [00:13:20] And a lot of men, not all, but who are sons of cheaters. Sadly end up being cheaters themselves. 

Michael Moore [00:13:31] Now, many men, don’t do that, in large part because their father was this way, and so they wanted to, when they became adults, make sure that they didn’t behave like their fathers. So that is I thought — I’m an optimist about this, and I think most people want to have a good life without a lot of pain. Attached to it– “I don’t need this, fellas.” And I think everybody just read between the lines of what I was saying in the particular case that we’re investigating on today’s podcast, my new true crime podcast, “Find the Missing Royals with Michael Moore.”. 

Michael Moore [00:14:14] But it should be okay. And because they are important to a lot of people in the United Kingdom and maybe 1 or 2 of the Commonwealth countries. 

Michael Moore [00:14:30] But, you know, when you start to get the little tells that things aren’t right, it’s okay to pay attention to them. And if you’re a journalist, it’s okay to ask questions. 

Michael Moore [00:14:42] And I think one of the sad tells about Prince William… it seems that, he hasn’t treated his brother very well. And, I read Harry’s book. Wow. I also watched their their documentary series and then the interviews with Oprah. Now, I know you’re saying, Mike. “Really? With everything that’s going on?” 

Michael Moore [00:15:21] Yeah, but I’m A fast reader. And I find Meghan and Harry to be interesting people that are trying to do good for the world. 

Michael Moore [00:15:35] So, you know, I’m always for those of us who want to do good for the world and not feel so alone in doing it — that there’s other people that are doing it, and some of them, you know, might be a member of a royal family, even though they’ve been virtually kicked out of it. I guess they can’t fully be kicked out of it because, whatever the hereditary laws are in kingdoms, they maintain who they are. But I got to believe that, their mother, their deceased mother probably wouldn’t be happy to see how her youngest boy has been treated. 

Michael Moore [00:16:19] And generally I don’t know… when you see behaviors that –and even though this is all from a distance, we don’t… we’re not in their lives, thank God. But when you see certain behaviors that just don’t seem very decent or kind, then I think, especially if you’re a journalist, everything should be suspect about those kinds of people. So where is she? I don’t know. Was that her? In the car? In the car with her mother? I don’t know. 

Michael Moore [00:16:51] But anything you need to know about her mother and what her mother’s role might be in this can all be explained by watching, the just completed final season of The Crown. It was, pretty brutal the way that Kate and her mother are first introduced in the in the Story of the Crown in this last season. And, you know how much of it is true? I don’t know. I mean, this it’s a work of fiction based on real life situations here, but… you know, come on, you who listen to my podcasts and read my stuff and watch my movies. You’re you’re are skeptical people. That’s cynical, but I didn’t say cynical. Skeptical. We should all be skeptical. We should all question what we’re being told. 

Michael Moore [00:17:46] We should always question authority. And if they can’t get the things right, the simple dumb shit– stuff like the Royals, if they can’t get that right, and if they, allow to have the wool pulled over their eyes, or they just like repeating things that aren’t true? That they haven’t investigated, but they repeat them as truth? Then I don’t know if they really are giving us a lot of horse-shit on inane stuff like, “where’s the missing princess?” Man, we live in a dark time and we need our free press more than ever, and we need journalists to do their jobs. 

Michael Moore [00:18:43] And you’ve already spent now what, over two months? Longer? On this princess nonsense, to the point where I’m compelled to begin my podcast talking about this, and not getting to the real issues of the day. 

Michael Moore [00:19:03] So I’ll just stop right here because… well, my abdomen is starting to feel a little… I don’t know. What is this I’m feeling in my abdomen? I’m going to need to take a quick break here before we continue with, as I promised, this very short podcast. But why don’t I… I’m just going to move to another undisclosed room here in the apartment and… 

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Michael Moore [00:21:43] Okay, let’s talk about something else. 

Michael Moore [00:21:47] This was just a weird week, and I just want to cover a couple of other things here for today. Just actually just before I was going to start recording this yesterday, another news bulletin came on my screen here saying that, another Boeing plane had a panel fly off the plane. Like an outside panel. Just another than that. Another hole in the plane, like a missing door or whatever. 

Michael Moore [00:22:22] But just another, this is like, what, 7 or 8 things in the last two, three weeks with Boeing, especially their 737 Max planes? It’s like if it isn’t one thing, it’s something else. And it seemed a lot of them are on, either United, these incidents are either on United or Alaska Airlines. And then it comes out and I — this is really the I think probably the important news is that the FAA demanded that a number of inspections take place on these 737s. They’re called audits and that Boeing failed 33 out of 89… failed? Failed audits! In other words, they didn’t pass inspection. 

Michael Moore [00:23:22] They found other, you know, former doorways of the planes that they just turned into a window wall… And then, what, there are missing bolts on more than one plane? And a whole bunch of other things that have been wrong. The big 787 last week — it’s their biggest plane, Boeing– the big jumbo jet called the Dreamliner? Just went into a nosedive because now they claim maybe a flight attendant bringing the meal into the pilot accidentally tripped the the thing that’s, you know, like, on your car seat. Yeah. That little electronic button that can move the seat up closer to the wheel or back? That’s what they’re saying now happened to the pilot’s chair. They hit the little button, and he got crammed up to the wheel, which made the plane dive or so– I don’t know. But it’s like, this is. I mean, I’d rather just talk about the metaphor here for what this really represents about the United States of America right now and what we’re going through, what 2024 is going to look like one Boeing incident after another. 

Michael Moore [00:24:48] The Palestinian people– a lot of people, when they get a little bit of electricity to charge up the battery on their phone or tablet, or their computer, they’ve been sending out actual footage of the slaughter. So that we can’t turn away because we don’t really want to deal with this, do we? We don’t want to think about how we’re paying for it this way. 

Michael Moore [00:25:14] No, we don’t want to think about this guy Netanyahu. God what a perfect– that’s, like “Yahoo” is in his last name? It’s Netanyahu. That’s his name. Benjamin is his first name. But I love the fact that his last name sort of is Yahoo! 

Michael Moore [00:25:37] And this week, Chuck Schumer, who was now been, in all these stories, they refer to him as the highest ranking Jewish government official in the United States, because he is the majority leader of the United States Senate — which the Democrats have 1 or 2 more senators than the Republicans. 

Michael Moore [00:26:02] And, and he’s Jewish. The point is, yes. Is that Chuck Schumer, has been a huge supporter of Israel his entire political career, from the Upper West Side of New York. Now he is the New York– one of New York’s two senators. 

Michael Moore [00:26:26] And he made a very brave, bold, almost shocking speech from the Senate floor here in the last week or so. That it took Biden a couple days… They said Biden was informed that he was going to say this. Basically, that, it took Biden a couple of days before he congratulated Schumer on saying what he said about Netanyahu.

Michael Moore [00:26:55] That Israel needs to hold elections and they need to decide if they want to support what Netanyahu has been doing in terms of the mass slaughter of civilians in Gaza. But that this, this can’t stand. He implied there should be at least a temporary cease fire, which isn’t good enough. 

Michael Moore [00:27:19] And, and he acknowledged that if the United States of America is giving you a bunch of weapons: A, you’re not to use them on children, elderly people, civilians… and you’re supposed to follow the Geneva Conventions. 

Michael Moore [00:27:40] Would you say that that if you are in control of something and if you’re a participant in this bombing, for instance, you have to allow humanitarian aid in to help save those who are the innocents? Please don’t write me and tell me how no Palestinian is innocent. “They’re all the same. They’re all behind Hamas. If they all could have gone over their prison fence that day, they would have, etc., etc., etc..”

Michael Moore [00:28:19] Don’t. Don’t, just follow the golden rule. Don’t talk about people in the ways that other bigots talk about you. You know, this this kind of bigotry that we all have fought for, most of my life. We won’t tolerate it. So if you start sounding like that which is said and done to you… You want to treat others the way you want to be treated. That’s right, the golden rule. 

Michael Moore [00:28:56] So Schumer, did this –again, it’s not the speech I would have given. It’s not, as far as I think, those of us who are, in support of peace, peace and, not the extermination of people simply because they are Palestinian, and that alone is reason enough to carpet bomb their cities. Just because some people of that group did some horrific thing to you or your people or country that you support. Therefore, you have the right to kill everybody that looks like them or belongs to their religion. 

Michael Moore [00:29:42] We don’t believe that. At least we say we don’t. And unfortunately, the people that run our government haven’t pulled the plug on the madness. 

Michael Moore [00:29:58] This thing can end, you know, I mean, it’s — yes. And I’ve said everything I’ve had to say about Netanyahu to the blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But we’re the bank. We fund it, we supply the weapons, we supply the cover. And as long as we’re the ones doing that… The buck, no pun intended, really does stop. It starts with us, and it should stop with us. 

Michael Moore [00:30:33] So, you know, and this very thing. The week began last Sunday on the 10th. So this is now the 17th. Yeah. So the Oscars were last Sunday. It was a very powerful moment when a film called The Zone of Interest won for Best International Feature — used to be called Best Foreign Film. And the director went up to the stage with his producers and made this incredible, incredible acceptance speech saying, “We are three men who stand here in front of you refuting our Jewishness.”. 

Michael Moore [00:31:23] Refuting. I Was like, “What? Wow. ” This film is about. The Zone of Interest is about the quaint life that the commandant of Auschwitz lived just over the wall. So, like, you know, 20ft over the wall that surrounds Auschwitz, where at least 1.2 million Jews were slaughtered during the Holocaust and World War II. And yet, on the other side of the wall, he’s got his nice little family and the kids and the dogs in the gardens. And grandma comes by and everything all. And they go down, have a picnic by the river and they… 

Michael Moore [00:32:13] You know. It’s as I think I’ve mentioned, this film in weeks past, it’s one of the most incredible horror movies I’ve seen in some time and never shows any blood. Or, you know, what we’re used to with horror or horror films. 

Michael Moore [00:32:33] Ah, you see the occasional black smoke rising into the sky from whatever’s going on on the other side of the wall, there,  you hear a few gunshots ring out and hear a few distant screams. 

Michael Moore [00:32:50] You see the teenage boys, you know, got a little collection of teeth. Human teeth in a little box up in his bedroom. This film is brilliant and they gave a brilliant acceptance speech saying that they don’t want people to look at the film as just a piece of history, but we should look at this film in terms of what we’re going through now and the horrors that we support, and they mention the occupation that’s been going on now for quite some time. The Palestinian people, in the occupied territories. And the war that’s going on. And of course, they mentioned the the horror, absolute horror of October 7th when 1200 Israelis, were slaughtered. 

Michael Moore [00:34:00] It’s – I will put up on my, on the site here on my page, for this podcast if you’d like to see their acceptance speech. 

Michael Moore [00:34:10] So anyway, so yeah. So all of this is still going on and.. which really leads me to, probably the most important thing that I want to talk about here. And that’s how a lot of you are feeling after this. Last week, Trump finally had a few minor victories, maybe not so minor, because– the most important thing, the good news that he got from a couple of the courts this past week is, is the thing he really wants: to delay all trials. So that. No, bad news, no convictions before people vote. That’s his that’s been his plan, obviously, from the beginning. Because if he can postpone it, if he can avoid handcuffs being put on him and taken out of the court after a guilty verdict for the criminal trials– then he stands a chance in his mind, at least, of being president again. So I know a lot of you are feeling bad. I I’ve read a lot of your comments online and read your emails that you’ve sent me. 

Michael Moore [00:35:22] And I know in the first, you know, two, three years of the Biden administration, I have told you just not to worry, no matter what the polls are saying, you know, you’ve got to have a little faith in the majority of your fellow Americans. 

Michael Moore [00:35:42] And Trump is not going to be let back into the White House. And I’ve said that up until October. And when the carpet bombing started, with our planes and our bombs and everything else, just the mass slaughter of innocent people. 

Michael Moore [00:36:05] And then Biden going there. Embracing Netanyahu. 

Michael Moore [00:36:12] You know, the occasional criticism, but nothing ever really happens. The slaughter continues. 

Michael Moore [00:36:20] And they started polling people and finding out that young people, 70 to 80% of young people, oppose President Biden and what he’s been doing. 

Michael Moore [00:36:32] That means a hell of a lot of them of them — they’re not gonna vote for Trump. Ever. So don’t think that. But they may not vote. They are very upset, and they’re very angry as they should be, as we all should be. But there’s something funny about 18 to,  you know, 26 year olds: they’re usually the ones sent off to war. They hate war the most because they’re the pawns of war. They’re the ones who come back dead when you, you know, convince enough Americans that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11, or that he had weapons of mass destruction he was going to use on us. 

Michael Moore [00:37:14] Well, who’s going to go deal with that? Me, you? No, 18 to 26 year olds. And some older because, you know, it’s a volunteer army. So people sign up, people have careers. But they’re also the people that want to make sure that we the people, do not send them off to war unless it’s absolutely necessary. And I mean absolutely where it has something to do with our actual defense. To actually protect our lives and the lives of the people that we care about, which should be all people, frankly. So… SonNow we fight, now we see in the polling that young people… Biden is going to have less young people voting for him. They’re mostly going to not vote or vote third party. And people of color? His poll numbers are down with, Hispanic voters, with black voters. You know, not by a lot. There’s still the, you know, majority are are for him and obviously for, you know, the Democrats. But… Wow. And they’re worried. They’re very worried about it. 

Michael Moore [00:38:40] You know, Biden purposely didn’t campaign in Michigan before the Michigan Primary last month because they were too afraid of protests. People showing up to oppose his support of the killing in Gaza. They didn’t want that on TV. He ventured into Michigan this week to do a little victory lap that he was taking of the blue states, in the Great Lakes states. And,I thought, “is he really going to go to Michigan?” He went to Saginaw, went to Saginaw, Michigan. Saginaw is like, you know, if Flint is like a mini version of Detroit, Saginaw is a mini version of Flint. It’s about 35-40 miles north of Flint, known as the, birthplace of Draymond Green and little Stevie Wonder. He’s not little anymore. It’s just Stevie Wonder. But those are Saginaw’s two great gifts to the world. 

Michael Moore [00:39:45] So, yes. So people are worried. People are worried that Biden may lose. I had 100,000 of my fellow Michiganders a couple of weeks ago voting uncommitted in the Democratic primary. 100,000 would vote for Biden. 

Michael Moore [00:40:09]  The Democrats lost Michigan by just 10,000 votes back in 2016. Trump won Michigan by an average of two votes per precinct throughout the state. 

Michael Moore [00:40:27] 10,000 votes. You got 100,000 in the primary that voted uncommitted. I mean, Biden, most of those people are going to vote for Biden. But we’ve shown how you can lose Michigan by just having 10,000 people sit it out. So it’s a legitimate fear now that things may not go the way we want it to go. Meaning Trump does not re-enter the White House. So I understand why everybody is worried and concerned and nervous. 

Michael Moore [00:41:06] And what I’m saying to you now is: yeah, you should be. But I want to say, I want to give two reasons why that that we don’t want to say this out loud, but I’m going to say it. 

Michael Moore [00:41:17] And the reason why we need to be concerned is that Trump is smarter than us. 

Michael Moore [00:41:27] I’ll just let that sink in for a second. 

Michael Moore [00:41:32] I know, I know you’re crying. The people have come to find me, the guys in the white uniforms with a big net, and take me away! Are you crazy? What do you mean? He’s smarter than us? Well, not in all the ways you know where he actually is quite dumber than us. 

Michael Moore [00:41:59] No, I’m talking about the way throughout his entire life he’s been able to pull shit off and get away with it. It is an amazing record. You know the record? I’m not going to run through the whole litany of it since he was in his mid-twenties. How he’s never had to pay a price for any of his… What do we call the variety of his behaviors? Crimes. Various things he did with his father. Racist stuff. Sexual assault. Etc., etc.. 

Michael Moore [00:42:52] You know the whole list, and he’s gotten away with it. You must at least gotta give him some– you must marvel at how somebody that stupid… is that smart when it comes to the performance of his evil, and his ability to never have to pay for it. 

Michael Moore [00:43:23] And that’s what you’re sensing right now. It looks like he might actually pull off. Delaying every single one of these trials. We’re talking about at least four trials. We’re talking 91 indictments, which I think now got lowered by three. Another minor victory for him last week. Now it’s 88 indictments. 

Michael Moore [00:43:53] I don’t know if those of you listening, have you ever been indicted? I’ve never been indicted. Or maybe I should ask it this way. Have you ever been indicted 88 times? Anybody out there right now listening who’s facing four separate trials? 

Michael Moore [00:44:14] And you’re worried about what’s going to happen in November because A: you know he’s going to, at the very least, be able to delay every single one of these trials. 

Michael Moore [00:44:24] And you know that he’s going to be either found not guilty, or there’s going to be a hung jury, or more crap like what’s been going on in the Georgia courtroom is going to be revealed. And his lawyers will file more petitions to the court and just keep kicking this thing down the road. 

Michael Moore [00:44:55] You know, I hear somebody say the other day on TV that if these trials ever actually do happen, it’ll be when — What is Obama’s daughter? The older one? Malia. It’ll be when Malia Obama is running for president. That’s how long this thing’s going to take. And, while it was a funny, scary line, it was —  it had a foundation of truth to it and, you know it. He’s gotten away. 

Michael Moore [00:45:34] That’s why he said that famous line. As soon as he said it, I thought, “oh, actually, if they put a lie detector on him, saying that ‘I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and nothing would happen to me.’ He believes that.” 

Michael Moore [00:45:52] He really believes it. It’s not just bravado or a dumb ass talking. He believes it because that’s the life he’s lived. From the most minor of offenses to committing an act of sexual assault and rape in the Bergdorf dressing rooms. He’s gotten away with it every single time. 

Michael Moore [00:46:24] So it’s not. I’m not worried about my fellow Americans, the ones, you know, the 70 million or so that are going to vote for him. Because there’s always going to be more people that are going to want to vote for the opposite of who he is. I still believe that. 

Michael Moore [00:46:41] I know a lot of you, your faith is kind of blown when it comes to our fellow Americans. And yes, 70 million. That is a lot of people who would vote again for this individual after they’ve witnessed this behavior of his. For the last nine years. Nine years since he came down the golden escalator. 

Michael Moore [00:47:09] I mean nine years here in June?Wow. Yeah I know. We’re weary. 

Michael Moore [00:47:16] We are weary as hell or beaten down by this. We can’t believe we’re still having to look at him. Listen to him. All that. But there he is. And like some strange magician, he keeps pulling these things off. 

Michael Moore [00:47:38] To the point where, you know, and this is where now we really have to come in and do our part because, you know, in my closing, soliloquy at the end of my last film, Fahrenheit 11/9, where I state very clearly –this is a few years ago now– that, no special prosecutor is going to save us from Trump. 

Michael Moore [00:48:06] Do you remember me saying this? No, special prosecutor Mueller isn’t going to save us. The Democrats and their impeachment resolutions aren’t going to save us. All the things that we think where the system will save us, or that our laws will save us, or law enforcement will save us, the Department of Justice will save us…. No, my friends. The Calvary will not be there to save us. 

Michael Moore [00:48:38] They’re not riding in on horses to protect us from the evildoers like Trump. The only thing that can save us is ourselves. We are going to have to mobilize. We are going to have to get laws passed. 

Michael Moore [00:49:04] You know, we can complain all we want about how lame the Democrats were for the 49 years after Roe v Wade was decided and abortion was legal — they had 49 friggin years, the Democrats, to get a law passed by both houses. And they did control both houses at various times in those 49 years, but they were too afraid to really take it on. 

Michael Moore [00:49:35] After all, it’s, you know, “it’s just about women.” The majority gender. They couldn’t do it. 

Michael Moore [00:49:44] And so when the Supreme Court finally got rid of Roe, we had nothing to fall back on, unless your particular state has enough good people in the legislatures that are going to protect women in those states. But these crazies are not done. These are extremists, my friends. I don’t need –you don’t need me to tell you this. Same sex marriage is coming down the road here. Elimination of that birth control. Various forms of birth control. 

Michael Moore [00:50:20] They’re not going away, these people, they’re crazy. They’re not going away. And so we then — because we’re the majority and the majority agree with us, whether it comes to pro-choice, the planet Earth, pick any issue– the majority are with us. 

Michael Moore [00:50:41] So why haven’t we mobilized? Organized? And used this great position where we don’t have to convince the majority. That funding the Israeli slaughter in Gaza is wrong? 

Michael Moore [00:51:00] The majority already agree with us. The majority of Americans want an end to that war, that attack on the Palestinian People. When you pick any issue like that, the majority are with us. So why aren’t we doing the work we need to do to mobilize our friends, our neighbors, our coworkers, our classmates, our families? 

Michael Moore [00:51:30] They’re already with us. They already agree on these things. This is what we should be talking about. This is how we should be spending our time. Not sitting around waiting for a prosecutor in Atlanta to save us. Not going to happen. 

Michael Moore [00:51:49] Sitting around waiting for a special prosecutor in the Justice Department going to save us? Not going to happen. 

Michael Moore [00:51:58] Thinking that a Trump appointed judge down in Florida overseeing the top secret documents case is going to save us? Or thinking that, “well, we got him on that Stormy Daniels thing, that that’s going to save us.” 

Michael Moore [00:52:17] No. If you’re relying on that system, that the media, our political leaders, our corporate leaders– all the people that have taught us to to believe in the system, “our great system is there for us. It will defend us. It will protect us.” 

Michael Moore [00:52:43] Surely by now you don’t need me to tell you to wake up. It is a constant lie machine that is foisted upon us on a daily basis. And either we’re too tired to want to really discover or find out what the truth is, or we just want to stick our heads in the sand. 

Michael Moore [00:53:20] We just want to be happy and have a good life and be optimistic. And it just can’t be this bad. And Trump, Trump. “Tell me Trump’s not coming back, Mike.” It’s the wrong question that we’re asking. 

Michael Moore [00:53:38] The right question is what are we doing about it? We? Us individually. First of all, just how are we climbing out of the rabbit holes that we’re all in, that we’ve all, you know, scurried down into? Not wanting really to stick our heads up because we’re sick of it. We’re sick of it all. Sick of looking at Trump. 

Michael Moore [00:54:02] No. It’s too bad if you believe in this. If you believe that we should complete the democracy experiment that we started almost 250 years ago, started it and in a highly flawed way. Insisting that women have no voice. Black people have no voice. Native Americans have no voice. No say in any of this. 

Michael Moore [00:54:38] Bit by bit, we’ve tried to fix it. Bit by bit, we’ve tried to complete the job. We can’t, we haven’t. We need to finish the job. You and I need to finish the job. And I’m telling you, friends of mine and me, joining them: In like, two and a half weeks, we got 100,000 people in Michigan to come out to the polls to send a message to President Biden that the slaughter must stop, the funding of it must stop. 

Michael Moore [00:55:12] And these are were all people that voted for Biden. Most of these, most of the people I knew that were in that group, getting people out there last month, the Michigan primary. These are Biden supporters or former supporters. We did that in two and a half, maybe three weeks, with little or no money. We organized it, got the national media’s attention. They were forced to have to cover it to the extent that they did, but it was just enough where people knew, “Wow, I could go to the polls, and I could send a message to the President of the United States, a strong message. And because it’s a primary, I’m not really hurting the possibility of him staying in the white House if he does the right thing. But I’m also not helping Donald Trump. 

Michael Moore [00:56:15] All that was made understood & possible. And the next week, the people of Minnesota came out by seven percentage points higher than the number of people in Michigan came out and voted on their ballot there. What was what was their uncommitted line? To send a message to Biden. And if other states had that, more people would be doing it right now. Because why? 

Michael Moore [00:56:45] Because the vast majority of Americans agree that the killing must stop in Gaza. Period. We have to be the ones to stop this. 

Michael Moore [00:57:00] So please don’t ask me if if Trump’s going to win. The person that knows the answer to that question is you. And I don’t mean you and your fear button, or you and your sense of horror that you have every time you see Donald Trump on the screen. 

Michael Moore [00:57:26] I’m talking about the you that knows the power that you hold because you represent the majority of Americans, the majority of Americans who believe in women’s rights. The majority of Americans who are against war, the majority of Americans who are against the destruction of this planet, the majority of Americans t hat believe that whatever old people are getting on Social Security comes nowhere near what they need. You are the majority. You believe in universal health care. Real universal health care. 

Michael Moore [00:58:06] All the things that you care about, the majority of Americans agree with you. So what’s… What are we waiting for? What’s the holdup here? Don’t wait for me either. I’m just one person. I’ve got a little microphone here. 

Michael Moore [00:58:32] You know, but I know, I know what you are [saying], yes, I do have about 10 million social media followers. I have tens of millions of downloads of this podcast since we started it. So I know. The privilege I have of being able to have this, this pulpit, this, this platform by which to reach millions and millions of people. And I will do that and continue to do it. 

Michael Moore [00:59:02] But you can come up with some good ideas, too, and do them locally. Do them in your neighborhood, do them at work, do them in your church. Do them wherever. Do it for Saint Patrick’s Day or the day after Saint Patrick’s Day. Please. 

Michael Moore [00:59:25] You can answer your own question about whether or not Trump’s coming back to the white House. But the answer can’t be in just words. It has to be in deeds and actions. 

Michael Moore [00:59:46] I’ll pick this up again. Next week. By then, I will find Princess Kate. I’ll leave you with that. I’ll make that promise to you. I’m going to do my best to unravel what has happened here. By the way, now, some about a half hour later, my abdomen is feeling much better. 

Michael Moore [01:00:09] So, I think I’ll be good to go. 

Michael Moore [01:00:13] And, we’ll find out what happened to the Princess of Wales in our next edition of True Rumble with Michael Moore. My thanks to our executive producer, Angela Vargas. And to our wonderful editor and good friend, Donald Borenstein for taking care of today’s podcast for me. 

Michael Moore [01:00:40] And to all of you who listen and share this with others, thank you for that. And, I’ll talk to you very soon. This is Michael Moore, and this is Rumble.