On today’s podcast with Michael Moore, Mike answers the burning questions surrounding the disappearance of the Princess of Wales and then dumps a bucket of ice water on us so we can wake up and finally admit the Central Truths we didn’t want to acknowledge in 2016:

A. Trump is smarter than us. If you don’t think so, then stop right now and tell me how YOU could get elected President while sexually assaulting women (then bragging about it); lying about your worth in order to defraud banks and not pay your taxes; and finally ordering state officials to stuff a ballot box with 11,780 nonexistent votes for you. He may be an idiot and a bigot, but he’s also an evil genius (with the emphasis on genius). 

B. Trump has never been convicted of a crime, and has never spent a single night in jail. How delusional do we have to be to believe that after a 50-year career of Trump committing one perfect crime after another that suddenly now his unbroken streak of evading the law is going to come to an end?!

C. The Special Prosecutor will not save us. Fani Willis will not save us. The Trump-appointed Bankers Boxes judge will not save us. The electoral college will definitely not save us. Joe Biden’s campaign staff will not save us. Stormy Daniels will not save us. 

The only ones who can save us is ourselves. 

Are you ready?

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