On this episode of Rumble with Michael Moore, Mike dives deep into our biggest terrorist threat — us. Or, more specifically, the fact that one of our two major parties is led by hundreds of elected officials who still want to overthrow the government by overturning the 2020 election AND by suppressing the votes of Black Americans. Mike calls these efforts an act of treason. Plus, the current and still twice-impeached leader of that party has now called for the “termination” of the United States Constitution — and the demand that he be installed as our unelected dictator. Madness!

But it’s real, it’s still with us, and in 3 weeks 118 House members and 10 U.S Senators — all of whom voted on the night of January 6, 2021 to overturn the election — will be sworn in as part of our 118th US Congress. This sacred headquarters of our Democracy will house 128 traitors who tried to overthrow our government. What are we to do about this?

To help create and cement the historical record, Mike names the names of each one of these traitors.

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