Senator Kyrsten Sinema is still the same Kyrsten Sinema she’s been for the past four years.

So she’s no longer a Democrat. We already knew that. And she has sworn she won’t caucus with the Republicans. “I will continue to vote the way I’ve been voting in the Senate,” she said today. So that means she’ll continue to support the filibuster, continue to support the rich paying less taxes, continue to block anything that sounds too socialist to her.

She’ll also continue to be this: She votes for Biden’s bills 93% of the time; has voted 100% to approve every Biden judicial nominee; twice voted to convict Trump and remove him from office; voted against Amy Coney Barrett being placed on the Supreme Court; voted to put Ketanji Brown Jackson on the Supreme Court; and is trying in the final three weeks of this session to pass a DACA bill to protect over 2 million “Dreamers” who were brought here as children.

In this Emergency Podcast System episode of Rumble, Mike holds out his hand to anyone who has freaked out over today’s news in order to help them step away from the ledge (relax, the Dems still control the Senate) and take a look at how this may turn out to be just what we needed.

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