Whether it’s the Planet in collapse or a Party out of control, this is a summer of death and hope. Michael Moore breaks down the failure to protect the people of Maui but also the will of the voters in Ohio to stand up for women’s rights. The official cover-up has already begun in Hawaii as those in charge are unable to explain why over a hundred people (or more) had to die. The overwhelming vote last week to stop the Christian jihad against the majority gender was breathtaking, considering it happened in Ohio of all places. It portends a massive turnout in next year’s presidential election where, if we all do our job and the Democrats show some guts, there won’t be enough bankers boxes left to hide in at Mar-a-Lago. 

In the meantime, let’s demand that our elected representatives send help to Maui, and each of us do what we can to contribute to the recovery.

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