Just moments ago, as the clock was ready to strike midnight, Fani Willis, the District Attorney of Fulton, Co., Georgia, announced that a citizens Grand Jury has voted to indict former president Donald J. Trump and his 18 Co-Conspirators (including Rudy Giuliani, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, lawyer John Eastman and others) on 41 counts of racketeering and other criminal acts for conspiring to form an “organized crime enterprise” which attempted to “illegally overturn the 2020 presidential election” through theft, fraud, forgery, impersonating law enforcement, impersonating electors to the Electoral College, and for conspiring with other top elected Republican officials in six other states, plus Republican leaders in the District of Columbia, to overthrow the election and re-seat Trump in the Oval Office for a 2nd term — even though Trump lost the election by 7 million votes. The prosecutor is charging Trump and his crime group under the RICO statutes that are used to convict and imprison those involved in mob-like crimes. 

The 90-page indictment lists the commission of “161 overt criminal acts” — a breathtaking, comprehensive list of crimes in an enterprise led by Trump (click here to read the actual indictment). The DA spent nearly two years on her extensive investigation. It reads like no stone was left unturned, with a massive amount of evidence obtained by the prosecutors in her office. It also states that there are 30 other “unnamed, unindicted co-conspirators” who may be indicted at a later time. So at least 48 people joined Trump in forming his organized crime family to overthrow our Democracy. Unbelievable. How close did we come to losing this country?

This Emergency Podcast System edition of “Rumble with Michael Moore” offers an urgent, immediate analysis of this historic moment — and how We, the People, need to stay thoroughly informed and be as active as we ever have been as citizens of this country. This is not the time to have “Trump Fatigue.” This is the moment to put this traitor on trial and make sure that this criminal who has gotten away with EVERYTHING for over 50 YEARS, finally faces Justice.

Please take 18 minutes to listen to how Mike sees the events of last night — and what we must do to make sure this never happens again.

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Read the full indictment from Fulton County, Georgia here:



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