Michael Bloomberg’s commandeering of the 2020 Democratic party nomination campaign is a dangerous moment for the party and the country. If Democrats give in, it will have horrific consequences. Michael Moore lays out the truth of Bloomberg’s record and how support for Bloomberg is an endorsement of the Trumpian values we claim to have been resisting.


The Trumpian Liberalism of Michael Bloomberg

By Jamelle Bouie


Michael Bloomberg Puts Democrats in Moral Peril

By Osita Nwanevu


Michael Bloomberg’s Polite Authoritarianism

He never hid his callous indifference to civil liberties; too many people just didn’t care.

By Alex Pareene


A Republican Plutocrat Tries To Buy The Democratic Nomination

No Democrat should consider Michael Bloomberg as a candidate.

By Nathan Robinson


As Bloomberg rises, Democrats are stumbling toward disaster

By Greg Sargent


Why Is Bloomberg’s Long History of Egregious Sexism Getting a Pass?

By Laura Bassett


Mike Bloomberg for years has battled women’s allegations of profane, sexist comments



Photo: Rudy, Trump, Bloomberg, Clinton


Video: Blankfein, Bloomberg & Snyder

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