Why do so many Democrats keep making the mistake of running to the so-called “middle” or apologizing for being Democrats every election cycle? And why do Republicans –  an unpopular political party that enacts awful and discredited policies, continue to win and hold onto power? Michael is joined by a political scientist who has studied the fallacy of focusing on “swing voters” and how, instead, the number one goal of Democrats should be turning out non-voters, occasional voters and their base.

Rachel Bitecofer is a political scientist and professor at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia and a Senior Fellow at the Niskanen Center. Her election model accurately predicted the outcome of the Democratic blue wave in the 2018 House elections and she shares her thoughts on 2020, what the Democrats keep getting wrong, and how accidentally getting hit in the head by a pack of Ramen Noodles by Michael Moore in 2004 turned her life around.


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