Mike is joined by Yale History and Law Professor Samuel Moyn to discuss his recent op-ed titled, “If Democrats Return To Centrism, They Are Doomed To Lose Against Trump.” They discuss the Democrats passing the physical infrastructure bill, but failing to, as promised, simultaneously pass the much-needed and politically popular human infrastructure bill, plus the decision by 6 Squad members to courageously stick to their word and only vote on both bills together. They also discuss the neverending campaign from corporate Democrats and corporate media pushing the party to move to the “center” and be more “moderate” and water down all of their programs that the American people and the planet currently need.

Read Moyn’s op-ed in The Guardian:
If Democrats return to centrism, they are doomed to lose against Trump

Read his book, “Humane: How the United States Abandoned Peace and Reinvented War”

Announcing The Moore Store!

In this episode, Mike announced the launch of The Moore Store – where a portion of proceeds will go to progressive groups and organizations fighting to teach the arts and civics in public schools. Visit the Moore Store for Rumble, Dog Eat Dog Films and all Michael Moore-related items here.

Music in the episode:
Stuck In The Middle With You” – Stealers Wheel

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