In this Rumble episode #7 of “Blue Dots in a Red Sea,” Michael Moore invites you to join him in his list of New Year’s resolutions intended to increase the level Democracy in the United States. 

Gerrymandering, the Electoral College, and the Filibuster have no place in a democracy and must be eliminated. Red states will remain red as long as the right wing draws the maps and “elects” candidates who lose the popular vote. Mike suggest a list of 10 things we must do to bring true democracy to this country.  

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Blue Dots in a Red Sea (A New Blue Tsunami Series)

Episode 1: Our Next “Impossible” Blue Tsunami Task: How to Win When You’re Blue in a Red State

Episode 2: You Are Not Alone. There Is Blue All Around.

Episode 3: They Are More Blue Than You — Or They — Know

Episode 4: It’s Time to Form Your Own Local “Democratic Party!”

Episode 5: “Need Help? Call the Democrats!”

Episode 6: Our Civic Duty — WE Must Attend!


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Crystal Blue Persuasion” — Tommy James & The Shondells


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