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[ MUSIC: “I’ve Been High” — R.E.M. ]

Michael Moore [00:01:11] I’ve been high. I have been high for the better part of the last week, and the results that came in from the election on November 8th. I was high before that, actually. I’m not talking about a drug high of course, I’m talking about the fact that for months, I was relaxed and relieved that we were not going to be sunk by the Republican Trump Party. How did I know that? Because on June 24th, this past summer, the Supreme Court decided to throw the election to us. They decided to throw it to the Democrats, and what remnants would be left for the Republicans would be in such disarray because they were completely clueless to the fact that 51% of the population of the voters of this country are what we call women. And on June 24th, the Supreme Court decided to issue an edict, a religious edict, declaring essentially that a fertilized egg is a human being, that Roe v Wade — which had been essentially the law of the land for almost 50 years — was over, and that now the Supreme Court, the federal government, the state governments would decide what women could do with their bodies and would control their internal organs or specifically their reproductive organs. You know, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think you can just tell an entire gender that you are no longer in charge of your body — we are. On such a sad, sad day when that happened, when I went to bed that night, I thought, “Well, there is a silver lining to this dark cloud. And that silver lining is there will be no ‘red wave.'” 

[ MUSIC: “I’ve Been High” — R.E.M. ]

Michael Moore [00:03:51] I probably should point out that I’m Michael Moore and you’re listening to Rumble with Michael Moore. And yes, this is my podcast and my extreme apologies to all of you faithful Rumble podcast listeners here, because the last time I spoke to you via podcast was I think four weeks ago today. I was in the final throes of having COVID, and it was my first time. I got through almost three years here without contracting COVID. And then this new variant, which seems to hit all of us who had been doing such a good job of hiding, we were found out and we were given COVID. But fortunately, it’s a very weak strain, this variant BA.4 and BA.5. And so I didn’t get hit hard by it. It was a pretty mild case. But then the recovery from it, the slow kind of recovery — and when I say recovery, I don’t mean… I was very fortunate. I did not lose my sense of taste or smell. My former bookkeeper here lost all her hair. I had none of that. But the persistent cough, the fog, the exhaustion, all of that took till right about now to finally end. Knock on wood. I hope it’s over. 

[00:05:13] But during that time, and the last days of September, I decided to write a blog, an essay, in my Substack that would go out to my 600+ thousand Substack subscribers, virtually all of them free, of course, and some are paid subscribers. And they do that just to be supportive of me and the staff here. I thank you for all of that, but my podcasts and my Substacks are all free to everyone. There’s no paywall. But I’ve not spoken to you since then because I just — I really didn’t have the voice or the energy. But I could write. And so from bed, mostly, each day I wrote what I called “Mike’s Midterm Tsunami of Truth”. And I was going to try to do one every day, and I pretty much accomplished that. I did 40 of them before the election about all the reasons why we were going to win, why we were going to stop the red wave, why it was not going to be the disaster that they were all predicting. None of that. I didn’t believe any of it. And it started really on June 24th when the Supreme Court decided to humiliate and debase an entire gender by taking away their human rights. I want to speak to you about where we’re at, what’s happened here with the election, and to assure you that we are now back on track with my podcast and you will hear from me each week — give or take. I love this podcast. I love speaking to you this way. I love hearing from you. Remember, you can always write to me and you can also leave a voicemail. The link is always on the podcast page here. It’s always at the bottom, where you could just click the link and I will hear it. I listen to every one of them. And if you send me an email at, I read every single one of my letters. I need three clones to read the letters from this week because it’s been in the thousands. And I mean, I’m low-balling the number because it’s been an incredible experience hearing from all of you. 

Michael Moore [00:07:16] So before we move on, let me thank today’s underwriters. We have a bunch of them. They’ve stuck with me during my COVID experience here, but they’ve sort of backed up over LaGuardia here. So we’re going to land a couple of them here at the top. And then later, as we get closer to the end, we’re going to thank a couple of others who helped support this podcast. They support my voice. And I hope you can support them, too. 

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Michael Moore [00:09:50] I know so many of you, most of you, all of you have got to be feeling really good right now. We wanted to create a blue tsunami, which, if you know what that means, a tsunami wave is like a wall of water essentially. It could be 50 feet, 100 feet high. And, you know, in a tsunami, in that wave, nobody can get through it. If you’re in front of it, you won’t survive it. It doesn’t kill everything when it hits land, hits shore. Most people survive, in fact. But the wall that I was referring to, this blue wall of those of us who, whatever you call yourself — liberal, lefty, progressive, Democrat, independent, Montessori parent — it’s all the people who believe in a world where kindness and love and equality should rule. Not the mean spirited, aggressive, hateful, bigoted, misogynistic attitudes that are cruel and harmful and don’t create a better world. And I believed that we all would create this blue wall on Election Day. That we would not let them just friggin’ take over. And that’s what happened. And it happened on so many levels. I mean, we get new news every day about more victories. And my friends listen. Yeah, the Republicans may have, quote, “won the House.” But we were told for a year that the Republicans were going to claim up to 60 new seats. That we were going to be slaughtered. We were told that this is the way, you know, it always happens. And it didn’t. 

[00:11:44] Why are we full of this despair on our side of the political fence here? How many people listening to this assumed that we were going to lose the House and the Senate? That we were going to lose a whole bunch of governorships and state legislatures. Do you know that this is the first off-year midterm election since 1934, where not a single state legislative house — I’m talking about in the 50 states — was lost by the party in power? I’m talking about the 50 states where the Democrats did not lose a single state legislature in last week’s mid-term election. Unheard of. We’ve already won. We’ve beaten them. They know it. They’re in disarray. They’re fighting each other now. They’ve started their own civil war. Yet, it’s so hard for me to — you know I say to myself, they’ll listen to me here. They’ll have some faith. They’ll get out of their despair. They’ll say to themselves, “Yes, we’re going to win. We’re going to win this election. We’re going to win this seat. We’re not only going to save the Senate, we’re going to pick up a seat or two.” I kept saying this all through the summer and fall and people are like, “Mike, we love you. And it’s, you know, yes, but Mike, come on, pick up a Senate seat? That doesn’t happen.” We picked up a seat with John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, and we’re going to win this runoff on December 6th in Georgia. “Oh, Mike, don’t say that. We don’t know.” Really? Yeah, we don’t know. You’re right. We don’t know. But how much more proof do you need? How many more victories? How many more Kari Lakes from Arizona — the loser nutcase that was running for governor? An election denier. Everybody predicted that she was going to win. And all the pundits and everybody putting down the Democrat, Katie Hobbs, “Oh, she’s not campaigning. She’s hiding in her basement. She’s this in that.” That’s all we heard in the weeks leading up to the election. Kari Lake would be the new governor. In fact, it was so sure that she was going to win — do you remember they were talking about, and I think Trump was floating this idea, that she would be his running mate in 2024. Kari Lake for vice president. Wow. Nobody would come out and say, “She’s not going to win.” And she didn’t. 

[00:14:41] So I know. I get it. It’s hard to believe in ourselves, I mean. And, you know, I wrote a lot of this down, but I wanted to say some of this out loud in my own voice so you could hear me — how passionate I remain about the fact that we are the majority of this country. And we better start believing it. So, yes, it is hard to believe in ourselves, especially if you’ve spent the past few months feeling politically hopeless. The end is near. Trying not to believe the predictions that the pundits were shoving down our throats. That we were all going to drown in this election in a Trumpian red wave. All the election deniers they were running, all the right wing nutters were all going to take office, and the Democrats and Biden would all be smashed. And so because of that nonstop drumbeat, millions of you, good people — all you Lefties and Democrats and people who love tofu and kale and all the tree huggers, everybody, all of us out there — millions sank into their own despair, knowing in their heart of hearts that we were doomed. So add in now to the mix, right? This is what we were told over the last few months, that between Biden’s low approval ratings, the “record high inflation,” and the media telling us over and over how the “first midterm election of a new president is usually a slaughter. I mean, Obama lost 63 House seats in his first midterm!” Listening to that day after day after day, a lot, many, most liberal voters simply gave in to the inevitable — not gave up. But gave in, in their minds, that we’re just going to try to hold on and do our best, but we are in for a bloodbath. 

[00:16:55] So I decided I couldn’t listen to this any longer and at the end of September I stepped in to help turn this around. Every day for six weeks, I wrote to you, my Substack subscribers, and to you, my podcast listeners, and all my social media followers. I sent you a daily email to give you hard data and facts, plus my own Midwestern common sense as to why there would be no Republican landslide and that Trump would never rule America again. And all I asked from you was that you get five other people to vote with you. That’s it. Just you and five others. If we all do that, they’re doomed. I also asked that you please start believing in yourself. To believe in us collectively. Us. And and to believe in this wonderful, crazy country of ours where there are millions more of us than there are of them. Them — the haters, the democracy destroyers. Yes, we are a country that is still unfinished. And so my insistence to all of you, to all of us, is that we do just that — finish it! Finish building this country. Finish building the democracy so it’s a true democracy. Make it right. And guarantee that everyone has a seat at the table and a slice of the pie. Is that too much to ask? 

[00:18:47] Well, I will say many of you wrote me with much gratitude, telling me of the hard work that you were all doing to get out the vote. It lifted my spirits and it was much appreciated because I had come down with COVID on the fourth day of writing these Midterms Tsunamis of Truth emails to you. Just four days into it, I’m like, “Oh.” And I have to say that of these 40 essays I sent you, at least half of them were written while lying in bed and trying to remember my middle name. And then came our incredible, wonderful, “unexpected” success last Tuesday. But unexpected only by those who promoted the false narrative that there was going to be a Republican landslide. But, sadly, also it was unexpected by those who bought into that false narrative, namely all my depressed Democratic friends. And you. Some of you. I understood. Many of you wrote me this past week to apologize for not believing me because I saw a Blue Tsunami Wall that would protect us. That’s what I thought the election would be. Well, let me say this. First of all, no apologies are necessary. I mean, again, I could have been wrong. I’m not, you know… I stood on the Oscar stage accepting my Oscar back in 2003 on the fourth night of the Iraq war. And you know, I just said that we were being lied to by Bush and there weren’t going to be any weapons of mass destruction. And I was booed off the stage. But, you know, what did I know? I’m not a weapons inspector. You know, it’s just… I read. I think. I’ve paid attention to the world, to politics since I was a kid. I don’t know. And I just tell you what I think. And hopefully we’re all critical thinkers. And even when I say something, you should examine what I’m saying and be critical and if you take the position, “No, there’s no way. There’s going to be a red wave, Mike.” And I go, “Well, okay, you might be right.” All I’m asking is just every now and then try to give me the benefit of the doubt if you can. That’s really all any of us would ask of any of our friends or family or whatever. Even if some of them quietly are saying to themselves, “Yeah, I remember the last time I gave you the benefit of the doubt.” 

[00:21:34] Look, I know what it’s like. I live in this world, so I know what it’s like to be swamped. When The Times, New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, Wall Street Journal and 100 pundits are throwing this crap at you that we are going to lose — over and over and over again. And then without thinking, it’s just amazing how people just start repeating what they’re saying. It first starts with, “Well I heard David Brooks say on the PBS NewsHour.” And then a week or two later, they just repeat what he said and they don’t even credit him. He’s just “David Brooks. Smart guy. Well, he’s got a column in The New York Times.” And you start repeating what FiveThirtyEight is saying. “FiveThirtyEight, well they’re…” FiveThirtyEight? All the people who predicted that Hillary was going to win — do you remember the front page of the New York Times on Election Day in 2016? That morning of Election Day, the New York Times said there was an 85% chance that Hillary was going to win the election today. And Trump had only a 15% chance. Yes, it’s the sirens of the men in the white coats with the nets coming to take David Brooks and FiveThirtyEight away. But then your smart friends start saying the same thing. “Oh, there’s going to be a red wave. Oh, we’re going to lose.” And then for whatever reason, you hand your critical thinking mind over to them. Without even thinking about it. And you just start saying the same thing. You start believing it, and then you get depressed because it’s not the country you want to live in. But yet so many people never think to ask themselves, “Why am I not hearing the opposing side of this narrative? I mean, isn’t there a single person who believes that the Democrats are going to resist history here? Make history? That it’s possible the polling is wrong. In fact, the polling is wrong.” How come nobody just says that? “Biden approval ratings!” Approval ratings are such an old concept. They’re such an old, it’s like, why don’t you say, “Vaudeville! I love going to vaudeville.” You know, that ended. Things end. Approval ratings — they’re irrelevant. And often wrong. 

[00:24:19] We live in a very new America. This is the 21st century. We’re already 20% of the way through it. The babies born today are going to see the 22nd century. There’s a younger generation now that is on fire. And women. Women have had it up to here. We live, right now, heading into 2023 where the calendar is screaming at us that we are just 20 years away from the United States no longer being a white country. That’s right, folks. Look it up. All the demographics, all the scientists, all the people who study this — couple of years ago it was 2050, then I went to 2048, then 2045. What that means is, is that the majority of the country will no longer be white. White people, beginning around 2042, are going to be the minority. People of color will be the majority. Now, you know those knucklehead white supremacists? They already know that. Why do you think they’re so upset? Why do you think the January 6th insurrection — what do you think that was really about? “We shall not be replaced!” Replaced by who? In the first march there, when we heard that in Charlottesville, “The Jews will not replace us!” “The Jews are going to replace us” — oh, my God. What madness. What poor — the Jewish people of this country in the world, you know, have they not been through enough where they now have to listen to white guys in khaki pants carrying tiki torches that they got from… What’s the store that sells? Oh, yeah, Pier One. Right, Pier One. “Pier One. Go get your tiki torches.” These white supremacists — I mean, seriously, think about this. If Herschel Walker is now their only hope… Herschel Walker is their great white hope in Georgia. They’ve got to be feeling awful. They’re white supremacists. They’ve got to get out and vote on December 6 to get Herschel Walker. They’ve got to go to a vote in Georgia and go into a booth and vote between two black men. Believe me, they never thought they’d grow up to live in an America where they would ever have to do that. They’re going to look down at that ballot and they’re going to go, “Oh my God, how did we get here? What would my great, great Confederate grandpappy say about this?”  

[00:27:35] So, yes, I have been howling all these facts out, putting them all out there for a number of months now. And yet I could not find a single commentator on mainstream network, big TV or big journalism that would break from the herd and agree with me that the whole stinking media has it all wrong and the Democrats are going to do better than fine, and that the Republicans are about to have their ass handed to them. During the six weeks leading up to the election, no newspaper, no magazine, no TV network, no armed forces wire services saught either to report on my facts and data about the fact that there would be no red wave coming. They wouldn’t even do their own reporting to tell the public that this is a fantasy narrative that’s been concocted to depress the Democratic vote, to get everybody to believe that the Republicans were going to rule everything. And you know, it’s not — look, it’s not like I’m never on TV. I’m on, you know, you’ve see me over the years and I’m always being asked to come on to join the discussion. But not during the midterms. Not during these midterms. They didn’t even want to consider what I was saying. Crickets. Other than Bill Maher, who had me on first, and he didn’t agree with my analysis. I mean, he thought we actually were going to go straight down the toilet on this election. But he thought that I should be heard. Other than him and Salon, this wonderful early piece, and The Guardian. The Guardian newspaper from London. Only they would let me put forth the possibility that the red wave was, in fact, a red herring. I mean, you know, I start to think, “Why won’t anybody cover this or let me talk or have me on? I mean, is it the ball cap? My Supercuts haircut? Is it because I loaned my wardrobe to John Fetterman? And now it’s The Fetterman Look, not The Michael Moore Look? Okay. No, I was happy to do it.”. 

[00:30:32] But in the final days, though, right before the election, the very final days, the weekend just before the election on the 8th, three decent, brave non-prime time souls on MSNBC — including the weekend pro there Alex Witt, the rapper/lawyer Ari Melber, and the indefatigable Joy Reid — they all gave me a voice. And viewers were shocked to hear someone say that we on the left were not only going to keep the Senate, we’re going to pick up a seat or two. That not only were the Republicans not going to clobber us in the House with picking up 30 to 50 new seats, they might be in for an upset because it’s going to be so dang close. And Trump’s mob of election denying candidates? I said they were going to go down in flames. And every last one of them in the battleground states did. They were not elected. I also said that there would be record numbers of young voters. There were. And that women were on a rampage over the abolishment of Roe. And that the Sword of Vengeance in this election would be theirs. I know you’re not supposed to go on TV and say stuff like that, but I believed it in my heart of hearts. That belief was based on the facts and the data and history and my experience of living as a citizen in this country. So of all those things I just said — the record turnouts by young people, women on a mission, the election deniers losing, us on the way to adding another seat now so we take Pennsylvania away from the Republicans and we have Georgia coming up — but of all of those wonderful victories attained a week ago here last Tuesday, my favorite, though, was this: that in nearly every state, women voters outnumbered the men. And young voters delivered another record turnout. The second highest in nearly three decades. Women and youth and, of course, people of color made the Democrats the real winners. 

[00:33:26] When I came out of the voting booth a week ago Tuesday here, an elderly woman spotted me and came up to me. And she was, let’s just say, laser focused. Looking straight into me. I would say that the color of her eyes was “steel.” “Women,” she said to me, “we are ruthless. And when we are ruthless. Men who cause harm to us, to our children, never see us coming. And then it’s too late. What this court did, this Supreme Court, now you will see what I mean by ruthless.” Whoa. I mean, I’m standing there. Chills. Chills because she meant it. The other emotion I had — thrilled. Thrilled because I believed her. In most states, women voters on Tuesday vastly outnumbered the men. In some of the states, it was like 55% women, 45% men. So I say to the guys, “Guys, what did you think was going to happen after women were once again, back in June, once again by the Supreme Court, reminded that they could just go f**k themselves because we’re going to run the show. Women are going to do what they’re told to do. And the Supreme priests in their black robes — they’re going to decide what women can do with their bodies.” What did you think was going to happen? I want to know why none of these journalists, these pundits, the pollsters, any of them understood that it was game over the day the Supreme Court made that decision. And men if you’re afraid of 2042 when it comes to the issue of race, we the white minority after that? Well, try to get your mail lug head ready to wrap itself around this fact: sometime in this next decade or so, women are going to make up half of Congress. Oh, and good luck finding a male doctor or a male lawyer under 45, because right now, even today, the majority of all medical school students and all law school students are women. There is a rapid change afoot and you should learn to like it and support it. Why be on the other end of this? Oh, we’re also going to have a woman in the White House. And again, I’m not a predictor here, but I’m just going to kind of give you just a gut feeling here… When that woman’s in the White House — assuming we’re not going to elect Margaret Thatcher, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kari Lake — I going to tell you about our first female president. She’s not going to invade Iraq. She’s not going to impose cruelty and suffering on the poor, the immigrants or the single mothers. We’re going to have a president who will embrace the oppressed, and welcome all who do the shit work that none of us would ever do. And from them, she will find America’s next new leaders, and geniuses. 

[00:37:36] So I need to close here on this podcast. So much more to say. And you’ll hear from me here soon. It will not take as long. I got through this without coughing, so I think I’m good to go here post-COVID. But I want to close by asking all of you a favor. And before we do that, I just want to thank two other underwriters that have stuck with me here. 

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Michael Moore [00:40:36] So here’s the favor that I want to ask all of you. Finally, please stop always thinking the worst. Stop thinking we’re a bunch of losers that we’re going to lose. That “they’re better, they’re stronger, they’re awful!” Stop believing that the forces of evil will triumph. Because, you see, that’s a belief too. That’s a belief in evil. Belief doesn’t necessarily mean you support it. You know, if you believe it’s going to thunder and rain this afternoon, you may not like that. But if you believe, if you believe that the evil that exists is going to win out over and over again, even because you have proof that they often do win out over and over again, how will we ever get to the point of believing in the opposite and living that way and willing it to happen if we have to? Can you just say, “I believe we’re going to win”? What is so hard about that? If you played sports, would you ever enter a game — a soccer game, a football game, a baseball game, a swimming meet — by saying that you think you’re going to lose. “Oh I’m going to lose. We’re going to lose. Our team’s going to lose.” You know, even if your team is the Detroit Lions. “Oh, we’re going to lose.” Yes, of course we’re going to lose. Until a week or so ago, we beat the Green Bay Packers. I mean, you know, it’s not written that any of us are going to lose. How about trying the opposite? Just try it on. “I believe we’re going to win the House.” Just say that right now. I know you’re listening to this on Thursday and we’ve lost the House, but I’m telling you, my friends, our next victory, our next victory starts right there. And it’s inside of you. It’s not with the pollsters and the pundits and the politicians. You have got to reach down and say, “God damn it. This is ours. This is our country. And we’re going to win.” We need to buck up. Everybody buck up. From now on. 

[00:42:54] You know, it’s the one thing I admire about the other side. They believe so deeply in everything they believe in. No matter how crazy it is, their belief system is, they believe. “I believe.” It doesn’t matter that, yes, to logical people that doesn’t make any sense — they believe the Earth was made in just six days. They believe the Earth is only 6000 years old. Adam and Eve were around with the dinosaurs. They believe Jesus walked on water. First of all, there’s no need for him to walk on water because he was a perfectly good swimmer. They believe Trump is a prophet that’s been sent to us from God to get rid of the IRS. You want to know why they win so much? You know, in addition to gerrymandering, voter suppression, and just having two or three networks now that do nothing but tell lies? It’s because they believe they’re on a mission from God. God is sending them to the polls. God. Wow. That’s a powerful, powerful hold on, people. That’s why you see their motivation, why they’re relentless. They’re doing this for God. What do we have? Noam Chomsky. I mean, I’m sorry. I love Noam Chomsky, but I mean, that’s not a fair fight. God versus Noam Chomsky. So I just want you to take a moment here, and I just want you to say these ten words out loud, please. And if you could somehow then internalize it and hold on to it. And whenever you start to feel the sense of fear or doubt, just repeat these ten words:. 

[00:44:58] There are more of us than there are of them. 

[00:45:04] That’s a fact, my friends. There are millions more registered Democrats than Republicans in this country. The Democratic candidate for president won the popular vote in seven of the last eight presidential elections, going back over 30 years. The American people wanted the Democrat. You already know this. The American people believe that the climate crisis is real. They believe we need stronger gun control laws. They believe the minimum wage should not be $7.25 an hour. Go down the whole damn list. The American people are with us. They take the liberal lefty position. Once you know that, once you know that you’re in the majority, and you operate from that position… The point is we’ve already won. They’ve lost because we’ve brought the Republicans trembling to their knees. And they can not, for the life of them, believe that God has let them down, that this has happened to them. They’re not going to be able to collect themselves into a fighting force because they’re going to fight each other. They’re already in a civil war. Between the Trump wing and the DeSantis wing. Wow. We got lucky. 

[00:46:39] But a lot of you, you did the work. You got the vote out. And you know, even if they do have one or two more votes in the House, it’s nothing. How easy will it be to peel away a vote or two here or there on some piece of legislation that we want to get passed — what Biden can offer them in terms of helping their district to get them to vote? It’s a lot different when we had to convince Manchin and Sinema. There’s only 100 senators. There’s 435 members of the House of Representatives. We just need one or two to just realize, “Oh, my God, I only won by 40 votes. I’m going to get thrown out in the next election. Maybe I should vote for the Violence Against Women Act. Maybe we should expand Medicare to help out our parents and grandparents.” Watch it. Watch what happens here. Oh, and watch the one or two Republicans who decide that in the district they’re in because it’s changed really from red to blue, they’ve got to change parties. And they will. There will be one or two Republicans in the next couple of years that will change parties just so they can get reelected. Any of this stuff can happen. And let me tell you something also the pundits never talk about when they talk, “You know, the Republicans say they control the House now by these three votes.” Well, you probably don’t realize this, but in this 117th Congress, which is only two years, they got elected in 2020 and they’re done now. In just these two years, 9 Republicans and 7 Democrats never even made it to the end of this term. They didn’t even last. They got elected in 2020, they’re not around today. They’re not in Congress. Some died. Some quit. Usually in every term, every other term, one or two are indicted. They’re gone. Some went out for a pack of smokes and never came back. And then special elections have to be held to fill their seats. Why do you think it is now that there’s a Democrat representing Alaska? They only get one congressperson. Why do you think it’s now a Democrat when it’s been a Republican forever? That’s because Congressman Don Young, the Republican representing Alaska, died and they had to have a special election to replace him. And the Democrat, Mary Peltola, was elected. Beat Sarah Palin. And I’m going to tell you, at the first opportunity in this new session when two Republicans quit, die, are indicted, disappear, when they’re gone, there’s going to be a special election or two and we’re going to fly into action, aren’t we? We’re going to fly into action and we’re going to clean up. And one way or the other, my friends, even though it may not look this way, even though the numbers may be against us in the next few days, the House will be ours. How do I know that? Because we are the American majority. The Americans want us running the show, not them. Spirits up, everyone. Come on, it’s time to ride the wave. The real wave, the Blue Wave. The wave toward justice, the wave toward equality, the wave toward a planet that we need to save. 

[ MUSIC: Woody Guthrie’s “All You Fascists Bound to Lose” — performed by the Missin’ Cousins ]

Michael Moore [00:51:47] I’m so happy. I’m so high. Thank you, R.E.M., for your song that we began with, and the great Woody Guthrie, our closing song here today sung by the Missin’ Cousins. Thank you to all of you. You made this happen. And thanks for listening to me and trying your best to believe that we had a chance. We have more than a chance. My grateful thanks to my producer and editor Angela Vargos, who through this entire election season here, helped me pull this together and put out the Substack column every day. If you don’t subscribe to my Substack, please do that. You just go to It’s free. A thank you to Angela and to everybody else who helped me, especially my doctor and nurse and the people who helped me when things weren’t looking so good with COVID. But all good now. We got a lot of work to do. I’m happy to do my part. Let’s all join in. We’re all in this together. Thanks, everybody. Be well. 

[ MUSIC: Woody Guthrie’s “All You Fascists Bound to Lose” — performed by the Missin’ Cousins ]