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Michael Moore: [00:01:05] I’m Michael Moore, and this is Rumble. Today’s episode of Rumble is, to be honest, it’s being recorded for an audience of one. That doesn’t mean that the hundreds of thousands of you who are tuning in to listen to this should not listen to it. In fact, I want you to listen to it, because it’s…insane what I am going to say. Because you and not just a few hundred thousand of you who might be listening, but the tens of millions of us who are out there have brought us to this moment and made this moment happen. And sometimes people on the left, we have a hard time acknowledging, not only that progress has been made toward the things that we want to see happen, the things that we believe in, but in fact, we help make that happen. It’s a good thing. [00:02:43][98.5]

Michael Moore: [00:02:44] I mean, we are filled with an enormous amount of humility, of being humble, of not wanting to take credit, not wanting to take victory laps. The way our politics and everything has been defined since forever, because it’s been run by men, has this sort of, you know, male, competitive quality to it like, you know, we beat them!! But the truth is, I’m afraid, because we so want to avoid that feeling, we’re missing a very important moment in history, which is that we are beating them. We have beaten them. Things are in the process of getting better. And while there is a long way to go, we have, and again I’m sorry for these heavily hormonal induced metaphors, but we seriously have kicked some ass here in the last year, in the last six months of the Biden administration. [00:04:11][87.3]

Michael Moore: [00:04:13] And I want you, I want all of you who worked so hard for so many years, some of you who are older, you’ve been working on this since you were teenagers trying to create a better world that we’ve always talked about and hoped for. And it may be arriving. Or it may be out there. We can sort of see it on top of a hill. It’s coming from the burbs. It’s coming in. It’s getting closer. The light is getting slightly, you know, if you look out into the distance at night, all of a sudden a little tiny light appears in the sky. It’s not a UFO, it’s just an airliner. And, of course, like if you’re in a city, or if you’re within 20 miles of an airport, they’re turning their lights on. You can see the lights are getting brighter because the plane’s coming closer. That’s what’s kind of going on right now. The lights are getting brighter. And the good works and the changes are coming closer. We know this on so many levels, and it’s happened because so many of you have done any of a number of things. [00:05:35][81.7]

Michael Moore: [00:05:38] Some of you have written to your member of Congress. Or you’ve called their phone. Those are important, important jobs to do. Many of you went out in the streets, not just in the last year, but in the last decade, in the last century. You have marched and marched for this cause and that cause, and just take our Armenian friends, this is just a small example, but, you know, if you’ve ever known any Armenian Americans, they’re just so upset and have been so upset for so long that the media, that history that politicians, especially American politicians, will not recognize what Turkey and the Ottoman Empire did to them a hundred years ago. They committed a mass genocide against the Armenian people. In a little country called Armenia. And they’ve been trying to get some recognition for 100 years, and they’ve always been turned away. [00:06:49][70.8]

Michael Moore: [00:06:50] Sometimes the media blames Turkey. Sometimes you can look up the Anti-Defamation League for Armenia and read the stories about who owns the word genocide. It’s just a whole bunch of political reasons why there’s been a rule within the media to not call the Armenian genocide a genocide. And Saturday morning, I know he did bring this up while he was campaigning (Biden), it seemed like they put a lot of thought into it and because he seems to be such a straight shooter and he has no filter, he wakes up Saturday morning, a few days ago, and announces that the American government recognizes the Armenian people and the genocide that they went through. And it was a genocide. And we need to start calling it that, and we need to start doing whatever we can to rectify history and to help the Armenian people and it was just like, you know, a hundred years of policy right out the window. Like, he didn’t give a flying fuck about anyone, or what anybody thought or cared about. He just knew it was right and he was going to tell the truth. And he did. [00:08:20][90.4]

Michael Moore: [00:08:22] And it is the truth. And like that it was over. That was the end of it. He has done that practically every single day. He’s done it so much in these first 100 days that I can’t keep up with it. I mean he called for D.C. statehood and the House passed that bill last week, but a lot of us have already forgotten about that. It’s because there’s so many things and because history itself is being made by that jury in Minnesota, by the cop killing that happened in Minnesota. You know, right after that and then the one in North Carolina and then the one in Virginia and on and on and on. An average of three people a day are killed by the police in this county. A thousand a year. And yes, I know, don’t send me emails. Yes, a lot of it’s in self-defense. Yes, if you’ve ever found yourself in need of a cop, you’re glad the cops exist. But the way we do policing and I’m not going to get into this again today, we need to change that. The old days are over. [00:09:45][83.3]

Michael Moore: [00:09:48] We need not a police department, we need a department of public safety and compassion. We need a team of trained professionals who can respond to crisis situations and help people who are in need, whether it’s mental health, domestic issues within relationships, alcohol, drug addiction. You know, go down the list of things. There but for the grace of God. You maybe you haven’t had to go through a hard time in your life [like that], but millions of people do. People that never thought they’d be in that situation and suddenly find themselves in that, and what they don’t need at that moment is a man with a badge and a gun. We are so much smarter than this, and we can fix all this. And it is being fixed, and I’m not here today to talk to you about this because I’m not here to talk to you today. I just wanted to provide this context for you, because I want you to be with me in this and I want you to feel a sense of pride, good pride, not ego pride, a sense of pride. And to give yourself a pat on the back or let me give you a pat on the back for your hard work over the years, whatever you’ve done politically. Maybe all you’ve ever done is vote. But you show up and you vote. And you vote for the right people. [00:11:31][103.2]

Michael Moore: [00:11:32] We’re trying to create a better country and a better world. If that’s all you did, thank you. If you’ve been out in the streets for the last year, thank you. If you’ve spoken into a microphone or in front of a camera and said things like defund the police, which has rattled their cage, even for the moderate Democrats and the pundits. Oh, don’t say that. Don’t say that. Yeah, but see you and I know that it’s because we say that, because we mean it and we demand it, that that’s how we get change. We know that they see us and they hear us. And we used to say: we’re coming. Millions of us are coming. Except we’re not coming because we’re already here. We’re already here and we will not tolerate policing as we’ve known it. And that will now change. And it will change. It will change sometimes because, and anybody who was in the early part of the feminist movement knows this, anybody was in the early stages of the anti-Vietnam War movement knows this, or the Civil Rights movement, and Martin Luther King knew it. [00:13:14][101.9]

Michael Moore: [00:13:16] Cornel West was a guest on this podcast a couple of times now, and he’s pointed out how Gandhi and King and nonviolent change makers know that their only success is through nonviolence. They would never lift a finger toward an act of violence. But they knew that through their peaceful behavior, through their nonviolence, through just showing up, it will so enrage those in power that they will commit acts of violence against them. And these acts of violence, the fire hoses, the dogs, the rubber bullets, the tear gas, the real bullets, it will so horrify the average person, who will not want to see unarmed, peaceful demonstrators being attacked. And King knew and wrote about this, that we have to be willing to put our bodies on the line. So that the rest of the country can see just how evil the people are in power and how they will be ruthless and they will use any means at their disposal to harm peaceful human beings trying to create change. [00:14:51][95.0]

Michael Moore: [00:14:51] And in harming them, they will turn public opinion against themselves. And they will lose. And we will win. And those of you who have put yourself on the line. In this past year. Especially this past year since the murder of George Floyd, but for all of you who’ve been doing this long before the murder of George Floyd, who’ve always shown up through the years. And whatever the issue, you’ve made this moment happen, and we are at an amazing crossroads right now. And there is a transformation at hand. It has come about because there is a reckoning at hand right now. And so what I’m going to say here to my audience of one, I want you to know that I’m doing my best to speak on behalf of you. I want you to know that you have made the moment happen. But I also want to be very, very clear. That the work not only isn’t done, it’s just begun. The work of the era that we are in now, at the moment we are in now, there is so much more we need to do to push and push and fight. We have a lot, I’m sorry to say this, I know so many people are tired and we’re still in the middle of this pandemic, but my friends, I don’t want you to take what I’m about to say the wrong way because we have to keep moving and pushing. [00:17:01][129.6]

Michael Moore: [00:17:04] Change will not take place if we just sit back and say, Oh, yeah, look at this, we Democrats are in power. Democrats got the House and the White House, and with Harris’s vote, they got the Senate. No. None of this will happen on its own. It will only happen if we treat our elected officials for what they really are, the servants of us. They are there to serve us. They’re there to do our bidding. They will not do it necessarily on their own. It will only happen when we make it happen. And again, that can go everywhere and anywhere from just showing up to vote. Calling your members of Congress. Writing an email letter. Showing up at their office to have a polite conversation with them, but a forceful one so that they know you mean business. Any number of things and being out in the streets and protesting. We have to move that ball down the field. It won’t roll on its own. [00:18:22][78.2]

Michael Moore: [00:18:25] Think of it as, yes, a soccer ball. And it’s our great women’s soccer team that we have in this country. If there’s an Olympics, they’ll be there this summer, but it will not go on its own. And so that’s why we have to do this. So understand that. Keep that in mind as I’m about to now record a message to someone whom I want to thank. So I’ve been invited by President Jimmy Carter to sit with him and his wife and his family in the presidential box at the 2004 Democratic Convention in Boston. And I had not met President Carter before. I had been in his presence and probably the first time was his very last stop when he was running for president in 1976 in Flint, Michigan. And the night before the election, he showed up in Flint, Michigan, to speak at our giant city’s arena, in the auditorium. And this was to be his last stop. And so a bunch of us went down there to be there for this moment. [00:19:54][88.7]

Michael Moore: [00:19:55] He was running against Gerald Ford, who was the appointed president at that time, having served for just a couple of years replacing Richard Nixon. But Ford was the only president that had ever come from our state of Michigan. So it was a big deal, and Carter decided to do his closing speech in Flint, Michigan. So that’s the first time I had seen him in person. On this particular day in 2004, I’m sitting there with him and having a wonderful conversation with him as his wife, Roslyn, his daughter Amy, his two sons, Chip, and I think it’s Jack, just really wonderful, now the problem with me sitting in a presidential box is that when the cameras are like, What the hell is this? You know, ex-hippie Michael Moore, sitting with Carter, and of course, Fox News and all the right-wing press just went crazy. Bananas. [00:21:08][72.6]

[00:21:09] LIke, yes, of course, the Democrats are all commies. Look who is sitting in the presidential box. Michael Moore. So they had a real heyday with it. But I think Carter, in part, wanted me to be there with him because he knew it would upset all the right people after a while. And, you know, these boxes are where the rich get to watch the basketball game or the football game or whatever. There’s a big room behind these private boxes where you can go and they’ve got all this free food. So I’d seen the free food on the way in and I decided to excuse myself and go to the room with the free food. And so I got a plate and I’m just getting some, you know, chicken wings and stuff like that on the plate. And all of a sudden, the door from the outside to this room opens. And in walks, Joe Biden, Senator Joe Biden. A man I had never met. Nicely dressed in a suit. And he sees me standing there with my plate of chicken wings. And he comes over and in a loud voice, he goes, Mother fucker, whoah. Michael Moore. Oh, I have wanted to meet you. Damn and I just can’t remember all the swear words because I was so embarrassed hearing this. I can’t believe he’s saying this. [00:23:04][114.5]

Michael Moore: [00:23:05] There’s people standing around and I’m thinking, don’t you know people can hear what you’re saying? But he doesn’t care. He’s just so slap happy to meet me, I guess. And he said, sit down, sit down. And I sit down at the chicken wings table and he sits down and then he just goes into this whole thing about, you know, the working people of this country and how they’ve been screwed for so long. And he started talking about Scranton. And then Scranton and Flint and the working woman and the working man and the unfairness of it all and the fat cats. And I got to tell you it had an effect on me because first of all I’m looking at his perfect teeth, not working class teeth. And this well-tailored suit. And the hair. It wasn’t a haircut from a Six Star or from Supercuts. But that was just the visual. The audio was he was talking like somebody from Flint. Or Scranton. I knew the class that he came from and how he was raised. And this was right after Fahrenheit 9/11 came out, and he was just raving about that, and I’m like, Dude, you know, it’s not even two years since you voted to send us to war. You backed George W. Bush. And 10 years earlier, you got this crime bill passed that created a massive mess of mass incarceration of Black and brown people in this country. You treated Anita Hill that way…he’s just saying this and we were now sitting there for some time. I had, you know, probably inappropriately forgotten about the Carters, who are sitting on the other side of the door in the box. [00:25:27][142.3]

Michael Moore: [00:25:31] But I found this Joe Biden guy to be very interesting. So a little over a year ago, we’re out on the campaign trail with Bernie in Iowa and New Hampshire and the early states, and we’re crisscrossing these states. And, you know, we’re constantly running into the other people who are out there, working for Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar. And by this time, there have been a number of debates. And if you remember, Biden didn’t do very well in the debates. He didn’t fight back. You remember during the debate, like you know, the little red light will go on that his time was up after he only had a minute to respond. He actually always obeyed the light. You remember this about him. He was never in attack mode. And he lost most of the debates. And he was always fourth or fifth in the polls. And in those first three states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada. [00:27:03][91.9]

Michael Moore: [00:27:05] He lost. He lost them all. He didn’t even come in first, second or third place. Maybe once he was fourth. But he was like fifth or sixth. He was way down. It was over for him. The Democratic power structure started getting very nervous that Bernie was going to win this, and they immediately had to do something to stop that. Biden was their guy. Clearly, Biden was, but it wasn’t happening. And they all got behind Bloomberg to run, you remember this. I mean, I’m talking about all the top people that really run the show. They got Bloomberg to run. All the pundits immediately went to Bloomberg, imagining what the campaign would be like with these two billionaires from New York City duking it out. I hear this and they wrote Biden off. They dropped him like a hot potato. And so we’re all down on that trail there in January and early February. I never ran across anyone working for Biden. Sometimes we’d grab a bite together, you know, as everybody was just out there working for their candidates. Never any Biden people. It was really weird. [00:28:39][93.6]

[00:28:40] You know, Basel and I were like constantly, it was almost like a game to be the first one to spot a Biden campaign worker. Like when we’re kids and you’d see a Volkswagen Beetle. No Biden people. Here is the other thing. I mean, literally occasionally you’d hear about some Biden event in some little gymnasium and there’d be 50 people, nobody showing up. Biden talking to everybody at the event. You know, being really nice to the kids, but no real effort, nothing going on. Well, we’re really optimistic about Bernie’s chances until South Carolina, and that’s when it hit a wall, and that’s when Biden rose up. And then a few days later, on Super Tuesday across the country, especially across the South, you know, he won numerous primaries. And I think Bernie might have won four or five. That was about it. Warren couldn’t even win her own state of Massachusetts. It was quite a train wreck for everybody who’d been working so hard for their candidates. [00:30:10][90.1]

Michael Moore: [00:30:11] And there was Joe Biden. All of a sudden boom and it became clear within a week or two that Biden was going to be the candidate. Out of nowhere. And I remember all of us were just so sad about this. And it was just like, four years, eight years of another moderate Democrat with half measures. We’re not going to get anything done. To those of you listening to this, you remember how you felt. And then he got the nomination and all through the campaign, you know, we all went out there, we worked to get him elected. We had to get rid of Trump. And that was it. Trump had to go. But the whole time we’re doing it, kind of holding their nose because we thought Biden would be nothing like what we were hoping for. Moderate Democrat and when elected, he will just lean to the right to the more conservative Democrats. And that’s how I felt. I think a lot of people felt that right up through Election Day, even going in and voting for him, it wasn’t an exciting moment. It was just resignation too. [00:31:43][92.6]

Michael Moore: [00:31:48] They were polling people who were voting, asking their main reason for Biden, and it was like 57 percent of people said to get rid of Trump. The vast majority. It wasn’t something positive about Biden. It was: we had to get rid of Trump. And that was that. And no more complaining. And so we did that. We succeeded. And all of us, and especially Bernie, went out and worked very hard. And did whatever we could during the pandemic. You know, I was on a show practically every day on TV. I did this podcast, I did a lot of interviews. They had a lot of Zoom stuff. I did a lot of that kind of stuff to get out the vote for Biden and get rid of Trump. That is the background. I want to give all of you listening to this…because I want to talk to our president. And this is the moment those of you, whoever you are, working in the White House…if you don’t play this for him, which I wish you would, but if you don’t, I understand everybody’s busy. [00:33:16][88.6]

Michael Moore: [00:33:17] You got more important things to do than listen to Michael Moore. But I’m telling you somebody there in the White House, you have to tell him what I’m about to say. And he needs to hear it, because we are the progressive majority. We who call ourselves progressives, lefties, or whatever you’re calling yourself. Let me just let you know that we the people, we are the majority. So whoever you are in the White House listening to this, please pass this message along to your boss. [00:33:56][39.9]

Michael Moore: [00:33:59] President Biden, hello, sir, this is Michael Moore. We met, oh my God, what was it like seventeen years ago in Boston at the Democratic convention, and we sat there in the room behind Jimmy Carter’s presidential box. And ate chicken wings together and talked about Flint and Scranton. You remember this? You were so happy to see me. I was like shocked. And I had such a great time talking to you. And my working class radar is still in pretty good shape, and I know who the phonies are and I know what the real deal is. And even though I worked in 2016 and again in 2020 to get Bernie in the White House. When Bernie didn’t make it through this last time to be nominated, I went out and I busted my butt for you. And honestly, I did it because we had to get rid of Trump. I really didn’t know what you were going to do. [00:35:13][74.0]

Michael Moore: [00:35:13] And probably like a lot of people I feared for the worst that you were just going to lean to the right. Or stay in the middle of the road. And not get a whole lot done, just be a placeholder president. I had no idea when you got elected back in November that you were about to do something so profound. So historic, so transformational. And that when you started talking about your first 100 days, you know, it just sounded like the same old slogan every new president uses. Except you meant it. You woke up, in fact, you didn’t even wait to go to bed. You came back from your inauguration and went to work like you said you were going to do. And you had a lot of things that you were going to sign that day. I forgot how many there were. [00:36:17][63.9]

Michael Moore: [00:36:18] It was in the teens. And one of the first ones was you rescinded was the Muslim travel ban. You went right in there, picked up your pen and did something to reverse the racism and bigotry against our Muslim neighbors. And then you just went to town. You put us back into the Paris Accords. I mean, it was stunning. And, you know, that meme that went out on Inauguration Day of Bernie sitting alone in that chair with his oversized mittens. Sitting there, you know, sort of like a Yoda or whatever. It was more Obi-Wan because now looking back on it, I see him there as some sort of spiritual force for you, because so much of what you’ve done, you’ve done it your way. I mean, you disagree with Bernie, you don’t like the idea of Medicare for All. But in doing it your way, I can see him behind you. I have a feeling you guys are talking and not telling us about it. I have a feeling that he calls you and you call him. [00:38:34][136.9]

Michael Moore: [00:38:35] When Bernie said publicly and he told me personally that you guys are friends, I think it’s true. And I think so much of what you have done already has been so progressive, and on many of these issues, you’re getting a majority of Republicans agreeing with you. And on the American Relief Act, they’re agreeing with you. On gun control proposals, they’re agreeing with you. On the infrastructure proposal, you’ve got Republican people, not politicians, but people agreeing with you. Every time I’ve seen you speak, it seems like it is your conscience that’s talking. You’re going to some deep place inside of you. And look at the polls, I mean, it’s just amazing. What you’re going to announce today, anywhere from 61 to 69 percent of Americans, support your plan to make community college free. They support your plan. They have free Pre-K for three and four year olds. The majority of Americans, the vast majority of Americans, support your idea that there be family paid leave. Whether it’s because you had a baby or your wife had a baby or your parents are sick, and you need to take time off. [00:41:01][145.6]

Michael Moore: [00:41:06] All these things that you’re talking about today, the human infrastructure of your new proposal, the people in the press, they just want to whine about it, Oh, this doesn’t seem like unity. Republicans don’t like this. Yeah, too bad. You know, and as you’ve said to them, come up with a better idea. I know you’re going to deal with health care. I know, you saw what I saw doing during the pandemic. You stood on the stage during the debates and you were running, and you said, Oh, no, the best kind of health care is employer based health care. Well, first of all, you got to be lucky enough to have an employer. But, you know, you’re able to skate by with that answer until the pandemic. And within weeks, tens of millions of people are out of work, and by being out of work, if they had health care, they lost their health care. And while they got unemployment help from the federal government, they got no health care help. [00:42:24][78.5]

Michael Moore: [00:42:26] They lost their health insurance, it was gone, and it proved the lie of any politician that says the best thing to do is to get your health insurance from your employer, because all of a sudden when there were no employers, there was no health insurance. And we can’t live in a country like that, it has to be like it is in every other democracy, where somehow, in some way, the government says, no, don’t put your house up for sale. There’s no Go Fund Me page. There’s no tin can at the convenience store, raising money for your sick child. No, you’re a citizen and you pay taxes, who is going to cover you whenever you get sick. Boom. Don’t call it Medicare for All. You already said you don’t like that. Call it whatever you want. You know, it’s the moral thing to do. You know, it’s the Christian thing. It’s the Catholic thing to do to be there. In fact, in you caught mass all the time, so you know the lessons. The Apostles asked him, How do we get heaven to give us the secret code to the Apostles? [00:43:57][90.7]

Michael Moore: [00:43:59] He said, When I was sick, you healed me, when I was homeless, you gave me a home when I was hungry. You fed me…you get into heaven. You know, this is the way it has to be. Don’t call it Medicare For All. I know you don’t like that. Instead of Obamacare, call it Joe Bama, Joe Bamacare. That’s the name for it. Joe Bamacare. Call it Canadian health care. You know, we just want what they have. We’ve taken everything else from them. You know, we took their national sport, hockey. We play hockey in Phoenix, in Florida. We stole that from Canada, and we put them down here in places that can’t grow ice. That’s what we do. So let’s take their idea about, if you get sick, you’re covered. Don’t worry about it. You pay taxes, it’s OK. I know that you’re going to do that and you’re going to do these other things, you have to do them because I have a sense that, you know, the moment you’re in, this isn’t about winning it in 2024, is it? No. You even said while you were running, you may only run one term. This could be it. [00:45:39][99.7]

Michael Moore: [00:45:40] You know that just before you gave your speech, and I just wanted to thank you. I want to thank you for what you’ve done so far. I want to thank you for asking for the things you’re going to ask for tonight. I want to thank you for standing up to these Republicans. I want to thank you for not pulling your punch. Yes, I know you dropped the $15 an hour minimum wage thing, and I know you feel bad about that because you campaigned on that. Bernie talked you into that too. And you supported it. But then I woke up this morning and there you were, or one of your people, talking to somebody on the the cable shows about how today, even before the speech, you’re going to sign in order, you already signed an order. Back in those first days where you raised the minimum wage for any federal employee to $15 an hour. Today, you’re signing a thing where anybody who is a contractor for the federal government. [00:46:55][75.4]

Michael Moore: [00:46:55] So if any part of the federal government hires a local contractor to do work for them, they now must pay their employees a minimum of $15 an hour. So I forgot what the number was, they said on TV this morning, but it was like, we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of people. They’re going to have their minimum wage raised to $15 an hour. And this is going to put thousands of dollars extra in people’s pockets every year. Because of just what you’re doing today on that issue, even if you couldn’t figure out how to get it through for everybody in the country. But I know you’ll do that too. I know you’ll figure that out. I know you. You walked into a room and screamed, Motherfucker, when you saw me. Politicians don’t shout that word. [00:47:56][60.9]

Michael Moore: [00:48:00] But you just couldn’t help your working-class self. It’s like when Rashida said on her first day of Congress or whatever, when she was sworn in. She took the microphones and said, We’re going to impeach the motherfucker. And then she got into all that trouble, but you know she just explained that this is Detroit. And you know, people in other parts of the country, they may just say words like that..those are common everyday words in Detroit and Flint. I remember I got in trouble one time. I forget what grade I was in. It was Catholic school. And I had said something like, I mean, it was really nothing. It was like damn or hell and then they called me out in front of the class. I said, Hey, sister, can I just point out something, though? God made all of us, right? And she’s like, yes, and God made everything in fact, right? Yes. That means all the words in all the languages, God created those. Yes. And I think she saw where I was going. I said, You’re punishing me for saying a word of God. Damn. The word damn, that’s his word, he created it. [00:49:57][116.7]

Michael Moore: [00:50:00] I remember I didn’t say this, but I was thinking, I’ve heard adults say damn like sometimes they use it as God’s last name. She is not a dummy. I know you. I went to the same church, same mass, the same everything. And I admired the same Catholic leaders that you admired. Cesar Chavez says you have a bust, a bronze bust of him in your Oval Office. I know you. Mr President. I’m glad you’re there. Now, I don’t know, maybe this won’t hold. Maybe you and I will be fighting sometime soon. Maybe you could give two shits about any of this, I don’t know. I don’t think so, though I think you do care. And not just about me, but about this. There’s hundreds of thousands listening in on this. And some of them are like, I don’t give him too much credit yet. [00:51:15][74.2]

Michael Moore: [00:51:21] I said to somebody the other day, I said, I’m afraid to say this one line out loud. Because it’s too early. It really is too early. But I’m going to say it, President Biden is already better than Obama. President Obama, I voted for him twice. He came in and put Larry Summers and Tim Geithner in charge of the economy. And I knew then, Oh, geez, we’re never going to pull out of this. When he took over General Motors, you know, and I heard you say this: Why are you guys going around saying how you saved Detroit? You didn’t save Detroit. Detroit is not safe now to this day. You saved General Motors and Chrysler. That you did that. But at the time, I thought you gave it back to the board of directors and the shareholders. So many things didn’t happen. [00:53:01][99.6]

Michael Moore: [00:53:02] You’re already in your first 100 days and so much farther down the road. Some of these people you’ve put in your cabinet are amazing. Some of them, you know, are typical. I have no reason to blow any smoke here. I have every reason to make sure you do your job. And to do the things that you promised. You would do. And to do even more than that. That’s my job, my and all the other people listening to this. We are going to be on your back because that’s our job as citizens. We need you, we need you to do these things. But that doesn’t mean…I can’t thank you. That I can’t tell you how many times I feel so good when I hear you say something. And then I remember it was you that blurted that out on a Sunday morning talk show back in 2012. About how you guys really thought it was wrong that people could not marry someone of the same gender. You smoked Obama out. He had to come out then and be in favor of same sex marriage. But you made that happen. [00:54:34][91.6]

Michael Moore: [00:54:36] You’re the one over the open microphone that whispered to him and then we all heard it on the day of Obamacare. This is a big fucking deal. You said that. It’s a big fucking deal. That’s you, honest, authentic, sometimes maybe crazy, sometimes the filter isn’t there. Sometimes I’m sure your family is going, Oh geez, please God, get us through this. Let him get to the end of the speech. It’s OK, though, man. You’re beautiful. You’re doing good work. Do more of it. Stand up, like you’ve been standing up. Don’t back down. Keep moving in the direction you’ve been moving it in. The people listening to this, we are the majority in this country. We are the majority, the majority that believes women should be paid the same as men. The majority that believes climate change is real. The majority believe that $15 an hour is the bare minimum of what people should be paid. [00:55:56][79.5]

Michael Moore: [00:55:57] The vast majority, according to every poll in this country, shows that the majority of Americans believe that women are the ones who should choose what they want to do with their bodies. Go down the list of all these issues, gun control, et cetera, we are the majority. Don’t be afraid. The majority is with you on all this. We’re with you. I’m with you. When I’m not with you, I’ll let you know. All of us will let you know, post-pandemic, and hopefully we’re coming for that. We’re going to be in the streets. We’re going to be around that White House. You’re going to hear our voices loud and clear. We’re a nonviolent people. But we will be heard and we will not tolerate waiting any longer for these things to happen. And for whatever reason, I think you’re on some parallel plane with us. So stay there, stay there with us, listen to us. Follow us. Serve us. Thank you for these first 100 days. [00:57:19][81.9]

Michael Moore: [00:57:21] Thank you for shocking me and surprising me. And for bringing me to this point. I’m sorry that I believed that you weren’t up for it. I’m sorry that I didn’t understand that you are on my train. But you were on a train that was on the other track going in the same direction. Maybe not at the same speed. Maybe not with all the bells and whistles. It’ll be a good fight between people that share a similar heart, soul and conscience. That’s where we’re at right now. We’re in this transformational moment. And you get to be the leader of this moment, led by fearless people. Don’t take any crap. And these Republicans, they’re a dead party. [00:58:42][81.0]

Michael Moore: [00:58:43] They did it to themselves. Something else will rise up and represent people that need that kind of representation. Don’t worry about them. Your job is to save this country, to save our democracy. Thank you for what you’ve done and what you’re doing. Well, I mean this from the bottom of my heart, and here’s to your next 100 days, man. I got to believe Joe, it’s going to rock. Make it rock for us, buddy. We’ll be waiting and we’ll be working. We’ll be there. Bless you. Bless you, this is Michael Moore and this is Rumble with Michael Moore.