A new report claims that U.S. and worldwide COVID deaths are actually much higher than the official numbers: over 900,000 deaths in the U.S. (as opposed to the official count of 574,000) and nearly 7 million worldwide (twice the official number of 3.24 million). This virus has ravaged the world and upended all of our lives. And we still can’t get the truth?

However, as we live through an historically deadly pandemic, we are also living through one of the greatest scientific and medical breakthroughs in history. As Dr. Eric Topol tells Michael Moore, “we are so damn fortunate.” In record time, we have developed multiple, extremely effective vaccines that are reaching millions of arms, that cause very limited side effects (and no side effects for the majority of people aside from a sore arm), and it’s free. We have an unbelievable opportunity to crush the virus, severely limit the havoc it causes us all, and get back to living healthy lives. Without these amazing vaccines, we’d be staring down several more years of death and destruction. But thanks to these medical and scientific breakthroughs, we stand a fighting chance if we all continue to get vaccinated!

Dr. Topol, who is the Executive Vice President of Scripps Research, one of the most important medical research institutions in the world, helps Michael put this all into perspective and clears up myths about the vaccine and about “herd immunity.” Finally, some truth!

And some true hope.

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