Imagine, if you will, for just one moment, a United States Congress — the House and the Senate — without a single Republican holding office.  A party of traitors that the American people simply vote entirely out of office. Poof. Gone. History. 

We’ve done it before, voting out and ending entire political parties. Other democracies have voted every right-winger out of office. Sometimes, the only way to save yourselves is to crush the enemy who is hell-bent on crushing you. 

Thanks to a Supreme Court that Trump packed with religious zealots, they issued an edict on June 24th that sealed their doom and the end of the Republican Party as we know it.

Here’s how to make sure they reap what they have sown — less than 10 weeks from today…

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Help crush the Republicans this Roevember and volunteer (in person or remotely!) for any of these Democratic Senate candidates:

Open contests to win:

Seats to flip:

Incumbents to keep:

Or connect with one of these groups helping to elect decent Democrats both locally and nationally (with some of these you can reach out to voters in other states right from your home):

Sister District Project

Democratic Volunteer Center

Vote Forward

Swing Left


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