The violent, insurrectionist, January 6th mob attempting to overturn the election results are part of a long line of a reactionary and white supremacist elements within American politics who will resort to violence or chicanery when they don’t get their way electorally. They are now at the center of the Republican party and we will have to deal with their undemocratic impulses and threats of violence as a regular feature of our politics unless we do something about it now. Historian Rick Perlstein has brilliantly documented the modern conservative movement, and he joins Michael to discuss January 6th and its aftermath, positive early moves by the Biden administration, and the ugly legacy of Rush Limbaugh that contributed to today’s violent, undemocratic and dangerous Republican party.

This Is Us: Why the Trump Era Ended in Violence
By Rick Perlstein

From Limbaugh to Trump: Rick Perlstein explains Rush’s real legacy

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