We appear to be entering a new political era in America where Reagan’s lie that “government is the problem” and Clinton’s declaration that “big government is over” is finally coming to an end. Good Riddance!

After decades of cruel, inhumane and unjust economic policies that favored cutting government services, redistributing wealth upwards, and always prioritizing private, for-profit industry over the needs of the people, the political winds have shifted, and they are blowing heavily to the left. And Joe Biden, who has spent a political career on the wrong side of many of these issues, is now embracing the belief that big, good government that spends massive amounts of money to meet the needs of the people is how he wants to lead the country. After passing the $1.9 trillion American Recovery Bill, the next Biden initiative is a multi-trillion dollar infrastructure plan. Michael is joined by David Dayen, Executive Editor of the American Prospect, to discuss this political realignment and detail what the infrastructure plan might do for America’s roads, bridges, water pipes, broadband internet, railroads, along with the postal service. They also discuss how stimulus checks and vaccine shots are raising the belief that government can and should be a positive force for good in helping peoples’ lives.

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