It’s over. It’s finally fucking over. Donald Trump’s presidency is finished.

On Inauguration Day 2021, Mike takes us back to Inauguration eve 2017, hours before Donald Trump was to be sworn in as President, where he read Langston Hughes’ very timely 1935 poem “Let America Be America Again” at 3AM in a Washington D.C. hotel room. Mike recounts that night in D.C., on the brink of Trump’s presidency (and Women’s March the following day) and also shares new thoughts on how, four years later, in a militarized “Green Zone” in our nation’s Capital, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take the reigns of a beaten and bruised nation, but one full of promise.

Read the original Langston Hughes poem.

Music in the episode:

Hallelujah” – Performed by Yolanda Adams at Biden/Harris Inauguration Eve Covid Memorial Event

Hallelujah” – Leonard Cohen

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