On Monday, March 1st, the “Rumble with Michael Moore” podcast surpassed 25 million downloads. To celebrate, we recorded a special livestream episode of Rumble on YouTube with some of our favorite guests from the first 14 months, which we are sharing in multiple parts. In this episode, Michael is first joined by Emmy Award-winning actor, Michigander, and new fashion icon Jeff Daniels. They discuss his viral moment at the Golden Globes, the first days of the Biden administration and getting vaccinated and getting back to work. Next, Michael is joined by Pentagon Papers whistleblower and peace activist, Daniel Ellsberg. They discuss how we handle this era of mass delusion with so many of our fellow Americans living in a different universe than us, the perils of climate change and nuclear weapons, balancing optimism over despair and Mike Tyson.

Listen to our previous episode with Ellsberg: 

Episode 2: We Are The Wrong Side (Featuring Daniel Ellsberg)

Listen to our previous episode with Daniels: 

Episode 123: “A Modern Day D-Day On November 3rd” (Featuring Jeff Daniels)

Watch the two movies Michael mentioned:
“All In: The Fight for Democracy


If you want to watch the full four-hour + broadcast of our 25 million special, subscribe (for free) and watch on YouTube.

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