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After first being drafted in 1923 by two leaders of the women’s suffrage movement and then finally being passed by Congress in 1972, the century-long struggle to have the Equal Rights Amendment ratified and gender-equality enshrined in the U.S. Constitution is finally on the brink of succeeding. That’s because in 2020, the state of Virginia became the 38th state to ratify the E.R.A. matching the two-thirds threshold needed to ratify a constitutional amendment. However, an arbitrary 7-year time limit on the 1972 legislation has provided one final hurdle that advocates for women’s equality must overcome. Since Michael spoke with Rep. Jackie Speier in February, the House has passed her bill to remove the deadline to ratify the E.R.A. Now, it’s in the Senate’s hands. Michael is joined by the ground-breaking TV anchor and President of the E.R.A. Coalition Carol Jenkins to discuss the next steps towards achieving gender equality in the U.S. Constitution.

Episode 162: How To Make 2021 The Year Of The Equal Rights Amendment (w/ Rep. Jackie Speier)

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