Darrick Hamilton is professor of public policy, economics, sociology, and African American studies at Ohio State University and the executive director of the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at OSU. He was a supporter and advisor for Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign and has been selected to join the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force on economic issues.

He joins Michael to discuss what he hopes to accomplish on the task force, how American society should change post-pandemic, why the coronavirus has been more deadly in the African-American community and why Ohioans insist on calling it *THE* Ohio State University.

Also, Michael shares some updates about the podcast, Trump tweeting at him and the censorship campaign against Planet of the Humans.


From “Capitalism: A Love Story”  (2009) the found footage of FDR’s Second Bill of Rights:


Two recent pieces by Darrick Hamilton:

There Is Only One Way Out of the COVID-19 Economic Crisis
It’s time for a new New Deal
By Daniel Carpenter and Darrick Hamilton

Will We Face Depression-Era Job Losses? Let’s Not Find Out
Congress should enact a federal jobs guarantee.
New York Times
By Angela Glover Blackwell and Darrick Hamilton


The photo of Michael and his father from Memorial Day, 1960 at the gravesite of his brother Lawrence who was killed as a paratrooper in the Philippines in WWII.


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