On Michael Moore’s birthday, he reflects on birthday under quarantine, shares some updates and receives a phone call from an old friend.

Senator Bernie Sanders calls in to have an honest discussion about the successes and failures of his Presidential campaign – what happened after the amazing victory in Nevada? How did the party coalesce so quickly against Bernie after he became the frontrunner? And what do we do now? Plus, Michael and Bernie discuss what America can learn from dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and how we are winning the war of ideas.


The movies/clips Senator Sanders referred to:

FDR’s 2nd Bill of rights video, first discovered during the making of “Capitalism: A Love Story”:

Watch Michael’s Oscar-nominated 2007 film “SiCKO” here:



Michael on Colbert: How Do We Want To Live After This Pandemic?

Michael on Colbert: Singing a verse from Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Why Shouldn’t We”

Mary Chapin Carpenter’s Version of ‘Why Shouldn’t We”


Watch the full film “Planet of the Humans” here:

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