What would a Great Depression/World War II-like mobilization of American society look like if we were to attempt to fix our country and society today in the midst of the pandemic? Do we, as Americans, have the will, the ideas, the courage or the leadership to care for the sick, protect the vulnerable, and then, revitalize our economy and fix the ugly aspects of our society that Covid-19 has exposed?

Michael discusses these big issues with James K. Galbraith, a scholar, author and one of the pre-eminent economists of our time. Generations ago, when America faced the fallout of the Great Depression and World War II, James’ father, John Kenneth Galbraith was the legendary economic thinker who Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy turned to help steer America and and re-shape the post-war society. 


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During the discussion, the work James’ children are doing was mentioned. 

The music for this episode is a song called “Sicilienne,” by Eve Galbraith 

Eli Galbraith his wife Krista are the couple in Brattleboro, Vermont that have converted their tailoring shop for the transgender community, 
Shapeshifters Ltd, to medical mask-making to supply the local hospitals. Visit them here:


Doug Galbraith is a cook in Portland, and has thrown himself into 
fundraising to get food money out to unemployed service workers in his 
city.  The link is here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/pdx-food-chain


Check out some of James Galbraith’s books here:

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