It’s been three weeks since Putin invaded Ukraine. Three… long… weeks. Three weeks of an endless, looping news cycle. Change the channel — same story, different pundits. But behind the horrific videos of tanks blowing up cars and dead bodies in the streets, behind the escalating, heartbreaking stories of refugees fleeing in terror and American journalists being killed, Michael senses something more sinister is at play.

We, the American public, who never met a war we didn’t like, are being manipulated by other Americans who are trying to take us to war. Politicians, pundits, ex-Generals and corporate masters looking for greater profits. And no heartstring will be left unplayed until they have our ear and we the people are demanding blood.

The only thing for us to do is to fight back and make it clear — No Americans in Ukraine, no air war with Russia, no World War III.


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Ukrainian Red Cross

UNICEF: Protect Children of Ukraine

Doctors Without Borders


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