Dr. Cornel West joins Michael Moore in the final hours before election day to have one last, fierce conversation over how we should use what may be our last moments as a free people to fight and remove the Neofascist Gangster from the White House. Is this it? If we succeed, what then with our new neoliberal president? We must make the most of these three intense days ahead. Who will help us? Who will intercede? Can someone somewhere offer something resembling a prayer for this misguided, misbegotten but otherwise well-meaning nation? Have we earned our rescue? It’s in our hands. And somebody just gave us an extra hour on the clock tonight to get it together man!

Michael Moore’s Election Day Mixtape 2020 – Play It At the Polls!
From the album “So You Wanna Dance the Trump Away! – Vol. 54”

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Music in the episode:
“Superstition” – Stevie Wonder

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