When you’re young, you can only take so much b.s. 

And when you watch a bunch of older white racist Southern men — i.e., the Republican supermajority of the Tennessee House of Representatives — attack two young black elected House members for “improper decorum” when they spoke out against gun violence just two days after the mass school shooting last week in Nashville, well racist acts are nothing new to the state where the KKK was born. 

So last night the Tennessee House Republicans expelled the two young Black Democratic representatives for daring to give voice to those too young to vote — but old enough to be killed at school. 

It was a stunning moment in the fight against those who seek to destroy our Democracy. In this Emergency Podcast System episode of Rumble, recorded moments after the final vote, Mike reveals the silver lining: the more young adults who watch the footage of this travesty, the sooner we will witness the eventual demise of the white man’s Republican Party. 


Watch the Tennessee House debate and vote on Resolutions to remove Democratic Representatives Justin Jones, Gloria Johnson, and Justin Pearson online at C-Span.org:



Photo by: George Walker IV


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