With the end of the year approaching & reports about inflation dominating the nightly news, Americans are anxious about what this means for them. Former US Secretary of Labor and progressive activist Robert Reich, however, thinks this is a major misdiagnosis: the problem isn’t inflation, but a lack of competition to stop big, monolithic corporations from jacking up prices. Robert joins Mike on the show today to talk about who is really responsible for your gas and milk prices skyrocketing, and why it’s more important than ever for the government to intervene in a moment when they’re trying to pull back. Plus, they discuss the rising labor movements in America and whether the “labor shortage” the media & big companies keep alleging is actually a general strike of workers across the country.

Read Robert’s latest Substack post on Inflation and monopolies, “Psst: You want to know the truth about inflation? (It’s not what the Fed thinks it is.)

And be sure to check out Robert’s other Substack post we discussed in the episode, “Why I don’t trust the mainstream media

Also be sure to check out Robert Reich’s 2013 Documentary “Inequality for All”, available on multiple streaming platforms.

Read Mike’s latest Substack post on what we can do about Gun Violence in America: “Gun and Done

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