So you already live in a Blue city. What can you do to help those who don’t? Become sister cities! Reach out to each other. Share ideas on how to win. How to run the right candidates. Raise money for them in Idaho or West Virginia. Hold potlucks over Zoom. Get in the car and go visit them. At election time make calls and send postcards for their candidates. You can help turn a red area blue!

This act of solidarity is a sure fire way to unite the majority of us and create the world we want to live in. And it’s fun. Meet your new friends in Tuscaloosa!

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Blue Dots in a Red Sea (A New Blue Tsunami Series)

Episode 1: Our Next “Impossible” Blue Tsunami Task: How to Win When You’re Blue in a Red State

Episode 2: You Are Not Alone. There Is Blue All Around.

Episode 3: They Are More Blue Than You — Or They — Know

Episode 4: It’s Time to Form Your Own Local “Democratic Party!”

Episode 5: “Need Help? Call the Democrats!”

Episode 6: Our Civic Duty — WE Must Attend!

Episode 7: Michael Moore’s 2023 New Year’s Resolutions: “More Democracy!”

Episode 8: Start Your Own Local Online Paper


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