Now that you know there are THOUSANDS of like-minded progressives, liberals, Democrats, independents and nonvoters in your red county and state, it’s time to get to work and have a gathering of this new Blue Tsunami movement. It’s time to either jump in and grow the existing local Democratic Party or, better yet, start your own Dem org if a seriously active and successful one doesn’t currently exist. 

On this quickie episode of Michael Moore’s special series this week (and next) of mini podcasts — “Blue Dots in a Red Sea” — Mike lays out a simple plan to create a new Blue movement in your red town, county and state. It’s going to attract new people, young people, and we’re going to have fun flipping one red office holder after another. Please give it a listen and share with others — especially your sister who got transferred to Texas or your aunt who’s now wondering why was she so excited about retiring in Florida. 

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