Over 2 weeks ago, on Christmas Day, Michael launched his special Rumble mini-podcast series “Blue Dots in a Red Sea: How to Win When You’re Blue in a Red State” with ideas and strategies of how we can build on our Blue Wall momentum from the 2022 midterm elections, and turn even more red states, red counties, and red towns blue in time for the 2024 election.

On this final episode, he reflects on the lessons learned throughout the series, and looks to the road ahead…

What if we do this?

What would that Blue world look like?

Could we handle the joy?…

Please listen, and share.

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Blue Dots in a Red Sea (A New Blue Tsunami Series)

Episode 1: Our Next “Impossible” Blue Tsunami Task: How to Win When You’re Blue in a Red State

Episode 2: You Are Not Alone. There Is Blue All Around.

Episode 3: They Are More Blue Than You — Or They — Know

Episode 4: It’s Time to Form Your Own Local “Democratic Party!”

Episode 5: “Need Help? Call the Democrats!”

Episode 6: Our Civic Duty — WE Must Attend!

Episode 7: Michael Moore’s 2023 New Year’s Resolutions: “More Democracy!”

Episode 8: Start Your Own Local Online Paper

Episode 9: Red States Need a Blue Sister City or Two

Episode 10: Recruit and Run a Beloved Blue Winner

Episode 11: The Ballot Proposal. Yes, you can pass a law.


Music in this episode:

Blue Skies” — Ella Fitzgerald


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