Today begins Michael’s 12-day podcast tsunami series called Blue Dots in a Red Sea: How to Win When You’re Blue in a Red State. 

A special note from Michael:

“You and I and millions of others in our Blue Tsunami this fall stopped the predicted red wave — and now what’s left of the Republicans finds them in complete discombobulation. And the January 6th final report is every bit as damning as we thought it would be.

Now it’s time to take on the next job the pundits will proclaim we will have no chance at accomplishing: Start turning some red states and counties BLUE! I say it can be done — I’ve done it personally! — and there are so many examples of flipping red to blue in last month’s midterms that we must keep this momentum going!

In this podcast series between now and January 6th, I will show you practical strategies that will keep the Republicans off guard and unaware that we are in the process of pulling the literal rug right out from under them in the 2024 election. If you live in a red area — or have family or friends who do — you won’t want to miss this blueprint I’m laying out for us to win and bring an end to most of the right wing madness. 

Please listen and share with others! No one will see this coming! More fun! More Blue! 

Thanks all and happy holidays!!”

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