What is this — high school? These approval ratings are in a time where most of the country doesn’t approve of virtually anything. This concept is so antiquated, the pollsters might as well ask the public, in the presidential race, to vote for “Best Dressed”, “Most Likely To Succeed”, “Cutest Couple”, “Class Clown”, “MVP”, “Best Smile” and “Most Likely to Bring Back Canadian Beer Through the Windsor Tunnel.”

In this episode of Rumble, Michael Moore discusses the stupidity of presidential approval ratings and why it doesn’t matter how low Biden’s is because there still aren’t enough Americans willing to return criminal defendant #4913961R to the White House. Says Mike, “Biden could run somebody over in the middle of 5th Avenue and it still won’t matter. He will get a second term — and your brother-in-law is still not invited to Thanksgiving dinner this year.” 

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