The political winds have shifted in America over the past few years, and it is blowing in a very progressive direction. The moderate, centrist Joe Biden is not an ideologue who came into office to lead America left — but he is following the will of the people, and the people want a government that is responsive to their needs, ends this pandemic, and ensures jobs, health care, good schools and safety.

This shift in our country has recently manifested itself with the $1.9 trillion Recovery Act the Democrats succeeded in passing, which will do us a lot of good. This is something we must acknowledge, be proud of, and keep pushing for more of! Michael addresses these shifting political winds and what it means for us all.

But first, thousands of Catholic children (often referred to as  “migrants,” “illegal migrants,” “illegal aliens,” “unaccompanied migrants,” or “unaccompanied children,” among other phrases) are being held in detention centers along the border. How long will this inhumane process and dehumanizing debate about it last? Mike challenges the Catholic Church to step up and advocate for these children, their safety and their humanity.

Episode 130: Trump Hates Catholics

Music in the episode:
Peace On Earth” – U2

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