David Plouffe served as Barack Obama’s campaign manager during his historic race for the presidency in 2007-2008. With Plouffe’s guidance, Obama was able to topple the Clinton machine in the Democratic primary, then win an historic 69 million votes in the general election, carrying red states such as Indiana and North Carolina, to go along with swing states such as Florida and Ohio. An African-American candidate, running in the midst of the Iraq war, with the middle name of Hussein, and being called a socialist, marxist and even a domestic terrorist by the Republicans and Fox News throughout the campaign…and they won in a landslide.

Plouffe joins Michael Moore to assess the state of the race, describe why President Obama’s DNC speech purposely left people “rattled” and “alarmed,”and how Trump is “a bigger threat to the union than southern leaders were in the 1820’s.” He also explains why a President Biden is likely to “swing for the fences” while in office, why progressives should be more encouraged about what a Biden presidency can do on climate change using Executive Orders, and why Biden’s personal decency actually matters.

Plus, Mike announces the 15th million Rumble listener and shares his thoughts on the death of Chadwick Boseman.

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